Friday, December 30, 2016

Christy Clark's mortgage helper for 'kids', taken from seniors mortgage helper property taxes

The $35,000 that the kids will be using??? will pay their property taxes over seven years, whereas the source of the money is from the seniors that used to qualify for a reduction to their property assessment taxes, has been killed off because of the 'kids' paying outrages prices to own a home.

The election is just five months away and .... get out the kid votes is a high priority costing a mere $35,000 to the public purse.

Christy Clark must have bought into the idea because there are more kids looking for a place to live than seniors wanting to die in their homes instead of being shoved off to a nursing home, without dignity, to a BC Liberal fund raiser business partners.....


e.a.f. said...

not many will be using that "free" down payment helper. Old Christy clark may think those "young" home buyers will vote for her, but first they have to get to the polls. they don't have a strong history of voting.

Now seniors who are pissed off, that is a whole different story. They have voted over the years, getting even for lack of care maybe a strong motivator to keep voting. Nothing like a senior with time on their hands and unhappy. Not to mention all their kids who are aging baby boomers. its one thing if your kid can't buy a house, but if your aged parents can't get decent care, that is a whole different level of pissed off, unhappy, etc.

No wonder Christy and some of those other premiers don't want to take the deal Trudeau is offering. The federal liberals want the money spend on mental health care and seniors. Those are two groups Christy and her b.c. lieberals don't seem to care about.

Care in these private care homes is nothing to write home about. I wouldn't have my dogs or cats in places like that. Why would I want to send my aged parents to places like that. The amount of money the b.c. lieberals are willing to pay for care for seniors in these places isn't enough, so like here in Nanaimo, Wexford, got sold. First thing the new owners did was give notice to all staff. You can bet they will contract out the services to the lowest bidder. For the patients, they will loose their long time caregivers. New ones will be hired, at much lower salaries. that in turn contributes to lower incomes and increases in child poverty. yes, low wages do contribute to child poverty. The quality of food will deteriorate because quality meals cost money. As an aging baby boomer I won't be going to one of those places. An exit strategy is much more welcoming. In my opinion, better dead than in a seniors care residence. Most of us were never meant to live this long, so why extend yourself beyond the expiry date so some conglomerate can make money out of misery.

The federal Liberals understand its better for seniors to stay in their own homes and in the long run, will actually save money. Christy on the other hand, wants to ensure the owners of all these private care homes make lots of money. That little "business plan" was started by el gordo. just another e.g. of "privitization". Well if you're an aging baby boomer, you might want to consider what is going to happen to you when you are no longer aging, but aged.

Come May I will be voting as I did in the last federal election,ABH, now its ABC, anybody but Christy.

If foreign corporations buy these care homes, under various trade agreements they could bring in workers from other countries also. So even low wage jobs won't be available to Canadians. thank you harper.

That movie title, No Place for Old Men; welcome to B.C., No Place for old People.

North Van's Grumps said...


The 'One percent' in China are buying property eg. Metro Vancouver and elsewhere, made their money off of the backs of one billion Chinese workers paid in American pennies, or those same 'One percent' have absconded with government funds. eg.

Mo Yeung Ching, aka Collection 45 Properties Ltd.

China's population: 1,336,718,015
Canada's population: 35,160,000

How can Canadians, working and living here, 'compete'?

How can anyone, especially Seniors on a fixed income, pay for Christy Clark ripping us off? Oh wait, she's got a good friend in the real estate industry... Bobbie Rennie

1975? $50,000 bought us our home in North Van. House $15,000 (1923 cottage). We built a new home on the same lot for $172,000 in 2001

2016 property Tax 1,508,000

2017 property tax 1,971,000

BC Assessment are now on-line with YOUR