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Planning chronology for Massey Tunnel replacement March 21, 1991 to August 2016

The March 21, 2016 Fact Sheet was preempted by the March 16, 2016 Fact Sheet

No mention of just how much money has already been spent exactly, while the BC Liberal dithered since 2001 in PLANNING a replacement.

January 17, 2008 mentions a $14 billion????? costs for transit, not just Metro Vancouver, but includes Canada Line and Rapid Transit.  Just how much of the $14 billion has been spent, and where in the plannning?
March 21, 2016  Fact Sheet Planning Chronology
Dollars mentioned TWICE,  TOLLS never mentioned

July 15, 2004       $22.2 million for tunnel Structural work

January 17, 2008   $14 billion transit plan including Canada Line and Rapid Bus improvements


Globe and Mail   January 15, 2008

British Columbia's future suddenly includes $14-billion in new public-transit systems.

The province yesterday unveiled a program of construction that will send new automated SkyTrain transit into the rarefied campus of the University of British Columbia, plant a new light-rail system in the northeastern suburbs of the Lower Mainland and lead to dedicated bus lines in Vancouver, Victoria and the booming Okanagan city of Kelowna.

Premier Gordon Campbell sketched out the largest public-transit announcement in B.C. history yesterday before an audience peppered with Lower Mainland mayors who have been clamouring for various pieces of the program for years. .... Snip

One of the most dramatic pieces of the plan is a $2.8-billion subway-style line running 12 kilometres across central Vancouver into the booming University of British Columbia by 2020 .... Snip

The package also includes the long-awaited Evergreen Line, which would run streetcar style from suburban Burnaby through Port Moody to Coquitlam - a project deemed a necessity by mayors in that part of the region. 

Mr. Campbell said he can pay for it all without hiking taxes. He noted that the province will not use a carbon tax - rumoured to be part of next month's provincial budget - to cover the cost.

"We are covering off all these costs as we go into the future," he said. "I can't tell you how we will get all of the dollars in 2015 and 2017, but I can tell you we have the resources in place to set this plan in motion. We intend to do that."   .... Snip

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