Sunday, September 4, 2016

$10 fee for a photo with Premier Christy Clark and YOU

Michael Smyth of the Province newspaper is onto something when it comes to Premier Christy Clark's personal photographer/videographer expenses:
 .... photography: $923,374 to be precise, for the salaries and massive travel expenses of two full-time photographers to take still photos and videos for the government.

The BC Liberals are always making those that use government services pay inflated prices for those services.

eg.     Bob Mackin Exclusive: Health ministry "requested" seniors wheelchair tax
 The B.C. Liberal government didn’t just change policy to allow health authorities to impose a new, $25 a month wheelchair fee on seniors in care. Documents I received under Freedom of Information say that it ultimately asked Fraser Health Authority to charge the controversial levy.

Premier Christy Clark has had so many photos taken of her by government employees that a three dimensional cu-pie doll, dressed in three different attires per day, could be churned out for pennies, with the proceeds going to bankroll her election campaign.

Counting the attendance of the Press, Photojournalists and videojournalists ..... there's at least  $250 waiting in the wings with the funds going to bankroll wheelchairs for ten seniors for a month.

NEW, not improved, Education Minister

Its a well known fact that Premier Christy Clark and BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark are paid by taxpayers and BC Liberal membership, respectively.   It comes down to a blurring of the source of the photos, either being used for Government purposes or the BC Liberal Party politics of campaigning.

BC Liberal photographers just happen to be at a Government function, announcement, or is it the other way around, that the BC Liberal Party sets up the meetings, the photo ops just waiting for the vanguard of the Premier's office to show up.

Photo Ops, handing out awards to the public are great campaign material, but what if the participants in the photo ops, not the Premier or her Cabinet or Caucus members were told that anyone else included in the photo would have to pay the BC Treasury $10 per photo!  $10 per person in the photo!  Group photos, with ten people, excluding the Premier .... $100 to the BC Treasury.

A signed copy by the Premier and the Cabinet and the Caucus would earn the BC Treasury a further $10 per person, and NOT the BC Liberal Party's war chest.

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