Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Elephant in the room? Dr. Brian Day's stranglehold contract on Worker's Compensation Board surgeries - privately held already

Cambie Surgery Centre, which now provides orthopedic, eye, plastic and other operations, most of the medically necessary work done for workers’ compensation board clients. - National Post

Currently, in the provision of health care in British Columbia there is a private service being provided by Dr. Day to WorkSafeBC aka WCB.

WCB Officers uses Day's privately run clinic, and other doctors clinics too, to shepherd WCB's employers' employees through the holding pens of public misery at hospitals.

 WorkSafeBC administers the Workers Compensation Act for the British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training and Minister Responsible for Labour. WorkSafeBC has the legal authority to set and enforce occupational health and safety standards, assist injured or disabled workers, and assess employers and collect funds to operate WorkSafeBC.
'assist' mean By-Pass

Dr. Day is funding his legal challenge to privatize the health care of all Canadians using funds 'earned' from the BC Provincial Government coffers

A Double Standard of gold plated services by Premier Christy Clark?

WCB, or WorkSafeBC, should get in the waiting line with others.


Lulymay said...

Dr. Brian Day left England which was changing its NHP to start to include private health care in order to "speed up" waiting lists. Apparently that was not good enough for Day and he came to Canada and into the arms of Gordon Campbell, who was most interested in doing extreme damage to our Canada Health Plan. Day also accompanied Campbell to England (as his medical advisor) to look at how a mixed private/public health care plan worked. His game plan has always been to privatize health care in BC. Campbell didn't have the guts to go fast forward as he knew it would be the end of his lucrative political career, so he proceeded on the mantra of 'death by a thousand cuts' which the photo-op queen has carried on. Fact of the matter is, we only have so many doctors qualified to do so many things. If the private portion (those who can afford to anti up the cash to get to the head of the list) gets fully implemented, those doctors will no longer be available to our public system (why go with what MSP will pay when the rich will pay so much more?)
We are being pushed never so gently into a US-style health business (not health care) whereby the rich will always be at the head of the line and the rest of us can die by a thousand cuts, pains, or whatever.

e.a.f. said...

it will be interesting, right now Christy and cabal take in more money from MSP than corporate taxes. if people opt out of MSP where will she go for more money?

Only the poorest and sickest will stay in the public system if they think they can get better/faster care in a private system. there will be those who have to return to the public system when they run out of money. that will also put a greater strain on the public system

Wonder who else is funding Day's campaign? wonder if any of those American corporations are funding Day's court costs?

The reason WCB wants their clients fast tracked is because they don't want to pay workers one nickel more than they have to.

One does have to wonder how good is the care people get at Day's Clinics? I for one would be ever so interested to know. Are the nurses who work there covered by the nurses collective agreement? if not, what are they paid? We know what surgeons make, but the rest of the staff???????? Hospitals need to be accredited, but what about Day's clinic? Does it have to meet the same standards of care? Enquiring minds want to know.

There are approx. 500K of us without family doctors in B.C. How will a private system make things better? Are they suddenly going to grow more doctors some where out in Langley?

North Van's Grumps said...