Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Caption writers Required for BC Liberals eg. Christy Clark: "I'm serious Rich, this rose will look better on Kevin Falcon"

Don't you just love it when Rick Mercer asks the public for input to his Photo Challenge.  'Take a photo of a politician, crop it, and add a caption.'

Jonathan Hayward, Canadian Press supplies photos, not captions.  The Vancouver Sun ran the photo in Vaughn Palmer's column today.  For all intents and purposes the image would be better if the caption were left blank.  Open to public input.

Is Premier Clark planting a rose ON the chest of Rich Coleman, or has she surreptitiously REMOVED it.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark will be able to turn to Rich Coleman for input as the deputy premier and cabinet mainstay announced he'll run in the next provincial election.   JONATHAN HAYWARD/ THE CANADIAN PRESS

Vaughn Palmer:  (Premier Christy) Clark knows the drill plying experience as cabinet maker 

Rick Mercer ...... Example:

"Rich, just between you and me, the BC Liberal Party isn't so desperate this year that we need to solicit a cash infusion from the Pacific Western  Brewery up in Prince George while your Ministry was in negotiations with them.   Remember all that bad Press in 2013?  You had to return the donations!"

Public Response:   
..... After Coleman gets embarrassed accepting the gift, he tries to slough it off, saying he returned it and should have checked that party donations were not solicited from those doing current business with his ministry.

Did he not know he was doing business with Pacific Western Brewery, when he was working on changes to the law to accommodate them?  How is this not political skulduggery, or at least brazen deception?

Big Beer was contacting other Liberal MLAs, trying to get Coleman’s favourable Pacific Western decision reversed. Hey, they put their trust in the Liberal politicians and they got screwed. Now they know how the rest of us overtaxed debt-inflicted victims feel.


"Rich, way too much colour on you.  Look at me.  LOOK.    AT.   ME.   The Public can see the subliminal Party coloured scarf (not permitted in the Legislature) and the donated Flower on my lapel.  I'll put your flower in my drawers for safe keeping."


"Rich, I hate to mention this to you, at a time like this, but I'll have a talk with Speaker Linda Reid about moving the camera angle.  A profile photo of you, is not good."


"Just a minute Mike (de Jong), I want to straighten Rich out, one way or another."

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