Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Christy's answer to Single Mother Maya on Welfare regarding her bullying abusive spouse Roy: "We'll Train you for a new job so you can hire your own lawyer."

June 10, 2016  Premier talks about sexual violence.  Gardener Brian Minter

Starts at @17:23
"My focus is to get single mom's into the work force .....  18:22

Training and jobs that they need @21:23

Leaving abuse - Legal Aid of BC (Budgets cut for ten years)

Premier: Get a job Mother Maya!!!!

Whether its Roy or Robert ..... There's help for him too

BC Corrections Directions : Reduce Reoffending, Protect Communities

Rediscovering Heritage Through Treatment
Roy or Robert didn't remember what started the fight with his girlfriend.   Maybe it was because he didn't take out the garbage in the morning or how he came home intoxicated at 3 a.m. or maybe it had something to do with how he parked on her lawn.  Whatever the reason, it was lost in the static of his memories.  The only mental image he had from that night was his girlfriend clutching her stomach and sobbing on the kitchen floor and the police knocking on his door.  That's all Robert, or Roy, remembers on the night he was charged for uttering threats and assault.... against Maya too.

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