Saturday, June 11, 2016

BC LNG Guru: On Time; On Budget; On Jobs; On Revenue;

Construction Employment         All Five Plants (FTEs)

"British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas"

Employment impact review

File: Grant Thornton - LNG Employment Impacts

No mention of LNG Un-Employment Impacts

No mention of an LNG Guru Gordon Wilson


 "British Columbia. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas"

File: Grant Thornton Potential LNG Revenue To The BC Government

LNG will pay for Site C


e.a.f. said...

wow, that is some paper work. must have gotten in the weed. who do they expect will believe any of that.

Bill said...

Hi NVG... it is good to be reminded just how badly BC citizens have been played by the BC Liberals on LNG. The BC Liberal's used the Grant Thornton $15,000 study to campaign and help win the last election.

The GT study was generated for the Liberals using predefined and predetermined coefficients to generate the given (and expected) results laid out in the report's tables. The LNG time lines, direct industry and spin off job numbers, forecasted revenue and taxes, flowed from the cooked and way too optimistic Liberal directed guidelines. It is no wonder the consultant's calculations presented such a 'promising' future. The captured MSM parroted the sparkly windfall numbers in support of the Liberals without questioning.

The consultant produced their report study with a very clear disclaimer that their findings were the result of using the government's numbers. The captured MSM parroted the 'sparkly' windfall numbers in their usual uncritical support, conviently not questioning the legitimacy of the results even given the consultants clear disclaimer.

This LNG story is now almost ancient history yet the Libs still persist in their black ops and deception in the light of their continued total failure and broken promises. Their Prosperity Fund is another Failed Promise.

BC voters were hoodwinked by the Liberal's campaigning on this fabricated deception with the assistance of their media cheerleaders. One year out the Liberal's are ramping up and cranking out their photo-op promises. BC voters have should have an overwhelming abundance of reasons to not believe any of their electioneering.

Anonymous said...

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