Friday, June 3, 2016

BC Buy LNG Guru Gordon Wilson's 'moral obligation' to save 500,000 Chinese ignores the first three causes of premature death

 Population of China:  1,357,000,000 (2013)
                                        2,000,000 Chinese die every year prematurely

500,000 to Ambient Pollution, which is .036% of the 1.357 Billion total population

 Google Search Criteria:  2010 Global Burden of Disease Study, China

 The Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD 2010) is a collaborative project of nearly 500 ... premature death in China, cerebrovascular disease, ischemic.

china - Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation Page 3 of 4

Dietary Risks is first which may never be cured

High Blood Pressure is second which could be cured

Smoking is third which can be cured by outlawing tobacco

Ambient pollution is fourth which can be cured by selling LNG from British Columbia instead of  selling Coal from British Columbia

DALY explained

Laila Yuile
If BC has a moral obligation to develop LNG to  save “500,000 Chinese dying each year attributed to air pollution specific to coal “, then I dearly hope Mr. Wilson will also explain his views on the thermal coal shipments we’ve exported to Asia for years, and why doesn’t BC also have a moral obligation to immediately put a halt to the Surrey Fraser Docks  Thermal Coal Facility?

As to Mr. Wilson's foray into have given 37 one-on-one community talks on the benefits of LNG over COAL, why is it only North Saanich that has been reported on?  Were the other 36 talks given in China?

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