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BC Liberals Multicultural Outreach used 'ethnic lens'

Investigation Report F13-04

Sharing of personal information as part of the Draft Multicultural  Strategic Outreach Plan: Government of British Columbia and the BC Liberal Party

Elizabeth Denham - Information and Privacy Commissioner of BC  August 1, 2013 
 There is an inherent potential for overlap of duties between certain government jobs, such as those individuals that work in minister’s offices and within the Office of the Premier, and with the governing party. This overlap makes it imperative that government and the BC Liberal Party provide training on, and ensure sufficient employee awareness of the privacy and access issues that can arise in such positions. My investigation indicates that government and the BC Liberal Party are not providing sufficient training to individuals within these roles and are therefore creating a substantial risk of misuse of personal information.

 I also believe that government is not effectively communicating to its employees the potential contraventions under FIPPA that occur when an individual sends information regarding government business to a personal email account. Further, the use of personal email accounts for government business can create the impression that government employees are attempting to evade access to information obligations and can create practical problems for government’s ability to retrieve emails from personal email accounts.

The BC Liberal Party implementation of their Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan could have no better setting to grab prospective voters attention than in the social safety nets that are there to help those in need @    620 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC

Federal Government New Westminster Service Canada Centre  #201;
Mainland Communications #202,   Brian Bonney
Immigrant service #203 funded by the BC Liberal Government

What are the chances for a relatively new business finding the perfect setting to work with those in need?  Was there insider help?

Located in the heart of New Westminster, the Royal Avenue Centre offers tenants
convenience with its first-class location.
--Prominently located on Royal Avenue just west of Sixth Street
--Five-minute walk to both the Columbia and New Westminster SkyTrain stations
--Direct access to major bus routes
--Convenient access to Columbia Street, King George Boulevard and Pattullo Bridge
--Strategic location near Burnaby and Surrey

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Mainland Communications for 2?  Looks more like a Political Party Black Op rendezvous


Draft Multicultural  Strategic Outreach Plan incorporated the use of the phrase 'ethnic lens' to sell their products to voters.

BC Liberals  'Ethnic Lens':  Christy again enters a fantastical world, this time by climbing through a mirror into the world that she can see beyond it.

What’s inside ‘the ethnic lens'?

Incorporating slum-dwelling migrants in Turin Vancouver.

Dr Giovanni Picker

The main conclusion is the that ethnic lens is not a static, de-contextualized object, but a particular prism that is constructed through situated forms of knowledge, assumptions, lay theories that are continually being produced and imposed about particular groups of migrants in particular cities.  Looking inside them is noteworthy because these situated forms of knowledge do not only strongly influence the local structures of migrants’ opportunity but they also shape, and are in turn mutually shaped by, categories of analysis.

This was the case in Turin, where slum-dwelling migrants in 2010 were addressed by governance actors representing them as either morally good (prone to work and get out of marginality) or morally bad (deviant or potentially criminal) and aiming to help them find a ‘normal’ place in the local society. That polarization, as I showed, follows a racializing logic, thus it can be seen as the result of wearing a ‘racial lens’. 


Your tax dollars promoting the sale of private property ....... @ 620 Royal Avenue

Trade and Invest British Columbia Office 620 Royal Avenue for lease


Anonymous said...

I wonder who owns 620 Royal ?

North Van's Grumps said...

BC Government property as of 2014-ish being sold off to balance the budgets

North Van's Grumps said...

The other question would be was Mainland Communications #202 part of #200 originally and it was let as a sublease ...?