Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Speaker Linda Reid discriminates against Male Members of the British Columbia Legislature

Using the yardstick of January 24, 1918, when the first woman gained a seat in the Legislature in Victoria, the tally has now reached 102.  Where are the accolades for the men?... in the same time frame? or to be correct ... inclusive of all.

Sexist on the part of the Speaker?     


Nancy Hodges,   Coalition   1950-02-14    1952-04-10

Joan Sawicki,      New Democratic  1992-03-17   1994-03-21

Gretchen Brewin, New Democratic  1998-03-26   2000-02-29

Linda Reid,      Liberal    2013-06-26

All MLAs

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Anonymous said...

Nancy Hodges: (October 28, 1888 - December 15, 1969) was a Canadian journalist, politician and Senator.

Born in London, England, she was first elected to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in 1941 [Oct. 21, 1941 - about 6 weeks before Pearl Harbor] representing the riding of Victoria City and sitting as a member of the British Columbia Liberal Party. She was re-elected in 1945 and 1949. In 1950, she was elected as Speaker of the Legislature, becoming the first woman in the Commonwealth of Nations to hold that office.

She was appointed to the Senate in 1953, representing the senatorial division of Victoria, British Columbia and served until her resignation in 1965. She sat as a Liberal. - Wikipedia

Some really good election results too.