Thursday, April 21, 2016

MLA Christy Clark accepting bribes? but claims its for the BC Liberal Party election war chest?

Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser knows all about Members of the Legislature Assembly of British Columbia, the Do's and Don'ts, the optics of a Premier accepting $20,000 from an exclusive crowd, with deeeeeep pockets.

An MLA   accepting a gift, kind of looks crooked.    

British Columbia laws permits someone who is not a Member of the Legislature Assembly to accept gifts for the purpose of running for the Leadership of the Party.  eg.  Christy Clark taking over the helm from Gordon Campbell.

Christy Clark as the Leader of the Government is called the Premier even though she's not permitted to Sit until elected, but is still able to accept gifts, money for herself or on behalf of the Party.

As an elected MLA, Premier Christy Clark is now subject to Conflict of Interest decisions whereby she is NOT permitted to accept gifts, and neither can anyone else who are Members of the Legislative Assembly.

Accepting and Disclosing Gifts - A Guide for Members - The Guide
Members' Guide to Accepting Gifts During the 2010 Olympic Games
Ethics Bulletin No. 4 – Procedure on Conflict of Interest
Ethics Bulletin No. 3 – Members’ Travel
Ethics Bulletin No. 2 – Use of Constituents’ Names, Addresses, Email Addresses and Telephone Numbers for Party Political Purposes
Ethics Bulletin No. 1 – Post-Employment
Material Change Guidelines
Complimentary Memberships and Passes

So  ... why .... did .... the Premier allow an OIC Board Appointee to donate taxpayers funds to the BC Liberal Party from the BC Milk Marketing Board to the tune of  $2,000?


e.a.f. said...

some old habits just are so hard to break and when it concerns money, its even harder. Poor Christy. Just doesn't get it. She got to accept money once, so what is the problem now? she is still all smilie faced and she is doing it for the province and all that LNG. Like what is so wrong about all of that?

The rules are the rules. if Christy is having reading and comprehension problems she needs to step aside. if she is accepting that much money, personally or the money is for an event she is attending and it isn't one of those big open to everyone fund raisers, I'd suggest she is simply accepting bribes, well that's my opinion, because in my opinion, taking money, when you're the premier or an MLA, you're accepting bribe.

Private dinners for 10 at $20K a head, limited to specific individuals, that is bribery. You can call it anything you want, but if it walks like a duck, etc. Nothing is going to happen. the conflict commissioner's son works for Christy, so he ought to step aside but isn't going to. In the end they'll all announce it was just nothing. wonder who those 10 were and why would a university chancellor throw such a party. I'm beginning to wonder how and why the chancellor got her job and what she is expected to do for that job. we sound more and more like Alabama, considered by some as the second most corrupt state in the U.S.A.

scotty on Denman said...

I'm sure Christy would cheerily insist that it's only a perceived conflict of interest. That makes it legal, right?