Thursday, April 14, 2016

Does Christy care how big my debt is?

Hey Bill, Bennett, does Christy  care how big your debt is?

Christy doesn't care how big BC Hydro's debt is!

Christy just doesn't give a shit!

What with her golden handshake of a salary.

And her appointing  the office staff, with a stipend if caught cheating on the public

Christy just doesn't CARE


David E said...

Do you know by chance how much the government and Hydro debt per person in BC is?

e.a.f. said...

You can get the information at Norm Farrell's Blog, Northern In-Sight. he is the "god of all things b.c. hydro".

Christy doesn't give a shit about how big your debt, my debt, or any one or anything's debt is. All Christy clark is interested in, that I can figure out is, how badly she dresses, how much botox she puts in her face, how bad her hair looks, how much she ignores kids in this province. Christy Clark will turn this province into Detroit North and it won't be much longer. Of course she will announce she has a balanced budget. Most likely will borrow the money from a Polish bank while she is paying for the ferry work, put the debt on B.C. Ferries' books, announce we have a balanced budget and we have money in the prosperty fund. Most people who do the sort of thing the B.C. Lieberals do, in private industry, get charged with fraud, or some such thing. In B.c. it will most likely get her re elected.

on the other hand she could sell the Crown Lands and the Arthur Erikson Court House in downtown Vancouver to all those Billionaires and Millionaires in China and tell us she has taken care of the debt and we don't have to worry, now that LNG isn't going to happen.

Its time for Vancouver Island to separate and become a province on its own. hell, they let P.E.I. be a province and we're bigger than them.