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In May of 2011 when Christy Clark came to POWER to promote 100,000 jobs in LNG there were already 24,800 working, paying taxes: artists

Sharpening my hand-me-down pencil here; wetting the lead; eraser having been been recently chewed off by the BC Comptroller trying to cook the books on the BC Health firings of Researchers....

If  1.08% = 24,800.... 100% would = 100/1.08 X 24,800 = 2,291,296   A workforce of Two Million and almost Three Hundred Thousand in the province of British Columbia in the month of May, 2011 from a population of almost four and a half million.   (a further one million to be added by 2026)

Ahhh yes,     Premier Christy Clark took over the debt laden helm from outgoing HST Premier Gordon Campbell and pushed for LNG.

The 1.08% = 24,800 ...??????? percentage pertains to an industry that is well established in British Columbia, one that doesn't need the hype of the politicians to create an industry that is akin to an eight years premature infant requiring a life support system of hundreds of millions of dollars, mostly spent on advertising that wields a double edged sword promoting the non-achievements of the BC Liberal PARTY .... 49% of the budget,  and training of workers that require spending four years to achieve competency, unless of course they are hired out of Alberta (questionable trade ticket qualifications) or overseas (even more questionable trade ticket qualifications).   Christy Clark says that her non-existent industry is capable of generating a $100 billion windfall to the BC Treasury within 30 years; debt free; and 100,000 jobs in LNG.

Hmmmmm.  Could Christy Clark and her handlers explain what their thinking was in 2011 that made them jump from the known numbers of 24,800 (Bollywood; Yoga on Burrard Bridge) to the unknown thousands of high paying jobs in the LNG industry when all that was needed was a little bit of input to an existing industry?   The BC Liberals are always working the angles.... making comparisons between sibling provinces on who has the biggest ... you know .. ego.

One of their factoids, places the largest percentage of cultural workers is in British Columbia, in Canada.

Hill Strategies, along with the BC Liberal government, have chosen to ignore the minor detail that Ontario's Cultural workforce is almost twice as high in hard numbers, not counted as a percentage.

It may come as a shock to the Premier's Office to discover that the population in Ontario is much higher than British Columbia  eg.  2011 British Columbia = 4,499,100;  Ontario = 13,263,500

Hill Strategies on Ten Provinces: The number of artists represents 0.78% of the overall Canadian labour force

Artists in the provinces and territories

Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada's Provinces and Territories shows that, among the ten provinces, British Columbia has the largest percentage of its labour force in arts occupations (1.08%). British Columbia has 24,800 artists who spent more time at their art than at any other occupation in May of 2011.

In a 2011 study done by Hill Strategies Research Inc., for Canada:

There are 136,600 artists in Canada who spent more time at their art than at any other occupation in May of 2011 (which is when the National Household Survey data were collected). The number of artists represents 0.78% of the overall Canadian labour force. One in every 129 Canadian workers is an artist.

The number of artists (136,600) is slightly higher than the labour force in automotive manufacturing (133,000) and slightly lower than the labour force in the utilities sector (149,900) and telecommunications (158,300).

Government Spending

 Canada Gov news release


Product perspective
Culture GDP in British Columbia was $5.7 billion in 2010, representing 3.0% of its economy. This accounted for 12.0% of culture GDP in Canada. The number of culture jobs in the province was 87,996, or 3.8% of total jobs in British Columbia.

BC gov news release

Quick Facts:
  • The United Nations has identified the creative economy as one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors for income generation, job creation and export earnings.
  • With 24,800 artists, British Columbia has more artists per capita than any other province.
  • The number of artists in British Columbia grew by 74% between 1989 and 2013.
  • B.C.’s culture GDP was $5.7 billion in 2010, representing 3% of B.C.’s economy.
  • B.C. had 87,996 culture jobs in 2010, 3.8% of total jobs in B.C.
  • The B.C. Government will spend more than $60 million on artists, arts and culture organizations in 2015-16, including about $17.5 million in community gaming grants.
  • The B.C. Government ran a successful four-year artsVest project ($205,000 (2016)) between 2012 and 2015. Each matching dollar in the community generated $3.75 in additional business sponsorship.

87,966 Creative acCounting

Provincial and Territorial Culture Satellite Account, 2010

Creative Economy Strategy  Google Search

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