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Premier Christy Clark's RCMP flight security officer real, or just a cover to deny FOI requests?

In light of the revelation in the Health Care Firings, an internal report indicates that the Government insiders were more interested in protecting Party activities that should have been revealed in FOI requests than protecting the sanctity of the misfit Government activities.

What if the PRESS were to press for a comparison, a confirmation from the RCMP that their data corresponds to the dates redacted on all those flights that the BC Liberals released in Freedom Of Information requests.  Were the RCMP in attendance or was their places replaced with OIC  appointees 'George Gretes' of the BC Liberal Party.  Are the books for the RCMP credible?   The taxpayers of British Columbia have been paying for an extra 'body' guard, do they exist? or is there just a little bit of padding of the accounts going on in the Travel department for Christy handlers? and the RCMP.

Would the RCMP like to justify THEIR budget demands as being true and correct as depicted by the white-out-guys at the BC Liberal government FOI offices?   A cursory look, equivalent to their investigation that ran into a brick wall when asked if they did in fact receive a request from the Minister of Health to justify the firings, would be of great assistance to the public when it comes to providing PROOF.  Where is the Ombudsman?  Privacy Commissioner?  Special Prosecutor appointed by the Deputy Minister of the Attorney General of British Columbia?

Why is it so important to have an RCMP officer on all those flights with Christy?  Is there a terrorist in their midst of three or four passengers? two pilots? Steward?  Ground Crews Take-off and Landings?

Vaughn Palmer - Vancouver Sun
..... on comparing the original text, Shaw discovered that many of the censored passages contained no names or other matters of a personal nature. Rather they addressed general failings of the Health Ministry in handling contracts and provided extensive advice for rectifying the situation.

All of which raises the possibility that the censors were less concerned with protecting privacy than with protecting the government.

Hence The Sun’s decision to ignore government objections and publish in the public interest. Shaw’s stories on the comptroller general’s report appeared in the paper Saturday and Monday.

Bob Mackin - Tyee    Air Christy Climbs to Half Million Dollar Mark

Clark flies most frequently with three or four of her aides, such as assistant Andrew Ives, press secretary Sam Oliphant and videographer Kyle Surovy, plus an RCMP bodyguard, whose name is censored. All but two of the 17 Kelowna charter trips disclosed on documents between October 2013 and November 2015 have returned to Vancouver on the same day.
Is there a dark, sinister, terrorist side, concerns in the likes of:

Does anyone have a clear picture of Kyle? Nationality? University credentials?

RCMP Bodyguard


 Travel Industry Today:
..... in some cases just booking a seat on a commercial airline wasn’t an option, due to the fact the team needs to travel together.

“It’s not just a matter of acquiring a single ticket,” de Jong said.

“It is the premier, it is a security representative, a press secretary, and there is a small group that travels with the premier.”

 Ottawa Citizen    Sacre bleu
Critics from across the political spectrum say the presence of multiple B.C. delegations at this week’s Climate Change Conference in Paris is a waste of taxpayers' money that is more about generating photo-ops than anything else.

Groups from three levels of government made the trip across the Atlantic from B.C. Combined, they add up to 17 politicians and staffers, many of whom are travelling on the taxpayer’s dime. 

Premier Christy Clark is attending with eight others, including videographer Kyle Surovy, events coordinator Anish Dwivedi, communications director Ben Chin and staffer Andrew Ives. Also with Clark is Environment Minister Mary Polak, Polak’s assistant Martina Kapac de Frias, deputy minister Wes Shoemaker, and climate secretariat head Dr. Susanna Laaksonen-Craig.

Ben Chin


Martina Kapac de Frias  Bio

RossK The Gazetteer: This day in Clarkland

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