Sunday, March 13, 2016

In two years: Minister Margaret MacDiarmid fired the Health Researchers AND placed BC 1st in the Stratford Institute's single publication category of 'eGovernment'

Oh the heady days of the 2013 election promises of Open Data, and Minimum wage second-highest, are coming back into the limelight as more FOIs are filed, and published.  

BC Liberal Government's Own the Soapbox Podium was THE recipient for:
eGovernment   should have been DeleteGovernment award

The Way Back Machine provides a cache version of the BC Liberals "Change that Works For You".

As a government, we want to hear from the people we serve. We do not have all the answers, nor do we pretend to.

We have been listening to the concerns of British Columbians and delivering – be it on a provincial level, working in conjunction with local partners, or just improving online services and access to information.

More information is now available on DataBC, with more uploaded weekly. DataBC is your place to find data, services, applications and the tools you need to help you make informed decisions, develop ideas to improve government policies. 

 RossK's take on CC: Beady Eyes Boast of:    "increased the minimum wage, meaning B.C. now has Canada's second-highest minimum wage"

Open Data Promises Deleted??

These efforts are paying off – B.C. was ranked number one in Canada for eGovernment by the Stratford Institute, and we’ve earned the silver medal in open government at this year’s 2011 Institute of Public Administration  / Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards.

While we’ve accomplished a great deal, our government knows more work must be done – and we will continue the work to enhance open government.

If you have an idea about improving open government, we want to hear it! Please let us know how government can serve you by contacting us.

VICTORIA - Minister of Labour, Citizens' Services and Open Government Margaret MacDiarmid congratulated B.C.'s Open Government team today for achieving the number-one ranking in Canada for eGovernment, in a new study released yesterday by the Stratford Institute.

The Province's top overall ranking is the result of the Stratford Institute's first-ever national evaluation of government's online presence. The criteria evaluated included customer service in online services, information-sharing and online-engagement efforts. B.C. earned high marks across all categories to secure the overall number-one ranking.

The institute's study specifically commended the Province's work in the field of Open Government, noting, "British Columbia is leading the way on an Open Government initiative seeking to follow national governments in opening government data bases for new public uses."

This ranking by the Stratford Institute follows on the heels of B.C. earning a silver medal for Open Government from IPAC, The Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

Stratford Institute
B.C.'s overall first place ranking comes as a result of its dedicated customer-centric approach in providing online services, sharing online information, and encouraging online engagement. Of special note is the province's proactive attitude towards Open Government policies. Having launched an Open Data and Open Information site, citizens have the ability to access government data and freedom of information requests. In addition to increasing online accountability, BC has taken steps to facilitate convenient content acquisition through mobile-accessible information.

Stratford Institute????????????? Started by the BC Liberals

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e.a.f. said...

its nice to know the b.c. lieberals got all those "atta boy" awards, but really from whom? Oh, an organization started by them or their friends. Sort of like that other organization the b.c. lieberals pay approx. $400K a year to. must be nice to be able to write your own press releases and have them issued under another name and not have the MSM question any of it.