Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If an American 'foreigner' purchased the BC NDP headquarters would the BC Liberals be quite as vocal?

We can't quite see how the sale of a political party headquarters should be so important now, even if its the Opposition .. BC NDP Party.  Do those who sit as Independents in the BC Legislature own property to house their Party colours?

More importantly has the BC Liberal Party EVER shown good faith in British Columbia by owning headquarter property in British Columbia, on a street that doesn't require an elevator, nor security guards to keep the Constituents at bay?  The BC Liberals have just been kicking around from one location to another, one PO Box after another.  

The Premier doesn't even have property in her home riding, what kind of faith is that?

Vancouver Sun delivered to the door ... morning ... edition .....Front Page!!!!

From a Different Angle, same photographer, edited factually for clarification .... important FACTOIDS 


VICTORIA — The B.C. NDP’s former headquarters in Burnaby was sold to a local hotel owner of Taiwanese descent.

The owner of the Best Western PLUS Inn on Kingsway, who declined to be identified by name, confirmed Wednesday he purchased the NDP property under his wife’s name.

He said he is a Canadian citizen, having emigrated from Taiwan in 1995. The purchase was for $2.15 million in 2015.

“The NDP sold the party headquarters to the hotel owner next door, a local business owner of Taiwanese descent,” said NDP MLA David Eby at the legislature on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, party president Craig Keating said NDP officials were unaware to whom they sold their party headquarters last year.

Property records show it was sold to Utmost Enterprises Ltd., which was created two months prior and which has a registered address of a Richmond tax firm that specializes in non-resident taxation matters. The mortgage on the land title is registered to a Taiwanese-based bank.

The provincial NDP has been sharply critical of the Liberal government for failing to act on the rising cost of home ownership, which some believe is due to foreign investment, as well as failing to close a loophole in the property transfer tax that has allowed wealthy foreign buyers to scoop up commercial properties in the Lower Mainland without paying proper taxes.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong mocked Eby in the legislature Wednesday for “at the same time that he and his colleagues have been decrying the entry of foreign investors into our market, the party coffers of the NDP seem to be benefiting quite nicely from some of those investments.”

As an aside, with the Loonie sitting at half the US Dollar, would our neighbours, the Americans, foreigners too?

Premier Christy Clark is often misquoting the Late Former British Columbia Premier Bill Bennett.  How about this one: 
My government will recommend that this Legislature give its unanimous support to a resolution asking the federal government to confirm that the ownership and control of all renewable and non-renewable natural resources in British Columbia remain in the hands of those who can best manage them -- the people who live in the Province of British Columbia.

China, Foreign Ownership & B.C. Resources
Don Whitely  July 1, 2011

Former B.C. Premier Bill Bennett said in 1979 that B.C. was not for sale. He made that famous declaration in reaction to news that Canadian Pacific Investments Ltd., the Montreal-based subsidiary of the railway company, was seeking to increase its already large ownership position to a controlling interest in MacMillan Bloedel Ltd., the province’s number one forest products company.

That was too much for Bennett. At the time, CP was already a major player in the province and gaining control of MacMillan Bloedel would make it by far the biggest, with headquarters in Central Canada. Bennett vetoed the deal using the provisions of the B.C. Forest Act, which required government approval for any transfer of forest leases from one corporation to another.

“We’re clarifying government policy in declaring there is a point at which a company can be too large in a certain area,” Bennett told the legislature on June 25, 1979. “That’s the policy of this party and this government . . . that is public policy from the premier of the province of British Columbia.”

 The Tyee:

A Province for Sale?

......... Twenty-five years after B.C.'s then premier announced the province was not for sale, the current government not only encourages sales of Crown corporation assets, it seeks advice from foreign corporations and is willing to award major contracts to non-Canadian businesses. Snip    By Claudia Cornwall, 14 Jan 2005


Anonymous said...

The Vancouver Sun is simply in election mode. Look forward to more stories that attempt to discredit the NDP. It's what they do..... and all they do. Notice this on the front page while Auditor General report is hidden.

Guy in Victoria

sd said...

Thanks for adding more background to this hit piece.

e.a.f. said...

The Vancouver Sun, the official news release form for the b.c. lieberals and their "little shits in short pants", formerly of Ottawa.

the buyer was a Canadian citizen. can't say the same for all the sales of B.C. land going on in the lower mainland and the b.c. lieberals aren't doing anything about that.

Lets count all the B.C. lands which were sold to foreign buyers in the past 15 yrs shall we......
lets start with those 100 acres in the Comox Lake water shed to buyers from China
who bought the area around Britaina Beach again?
who bought those office towers in Vancouver for what was it around a billion. too bad Christy and her b.c. lieberals didn't have some sort of tax in place for foreign buyers......

oh, no wonder Post Media continues to crumble. can hardly wait for it to fall. of course that would pose a problem for the b.c. lieberals. who would issue their press releases?