Friday, March 18, 2016

Claim of Christy Clark supporters of being the Longest Serving Female BC Premier: Factoids and Fraud

BC Liberal handlers of Christy Clark have chosen to ignore the status of the Territories in their boasting of longest-serving women premiers in Canada.  They have also managed to cook the books by including her two years when she was Leader of the Party, but not elected by BC Voters until 2013.

PEI claims first place in Canada.  1993 in a Provincial General Election.

Based on PEI method of counting, and applying it to Christy Clark the Photo-Op Queen, is NOT the longest serving ELECTED Premier in Canada because she didn't enter that category until she won a seat in a By-Election two months later in 2013 when her first choice of constituent in Point Grey rejected her.  Chrisy Clark had to Fly up to West Kelowna to gain a seat.

Christy hasn't even reached a Four Year term based on the 1993 win by Catherine Callbeck in PEI!

Out of Two Female Premiers in British Columbia, Christy is the winner, time wise .... with still fourteen months to go to the General election in May 2017

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1) Rita M. Johnston is the first in the Shortest category out of Two in British Columbia but she was the First in Canada to be elected Premier, not PEI in 1993


2) Christy Clark  March 2011 voted in by BC Liberal Party membership in the absence of Gordon Campbell


CB via the WayBack Machine Female Premiers

3) ....1993, now Senator Catherine Callbeck of P.E.I., became the first woman elected premier in Canada's history.


4) Kathy Dunderdale is the first elected female provincial premier in Canada since 1993   Newfoundland and Labrador  2011


5) Alison Redford October 2011 first Conservative leader not to be elected in Alberta in 40 years

6)  Pauline Marois


7)  Kathleen Wynne


8)  Rachel Notley

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