Saturday, March 12, 2016

Back in 2013 Christy Clark started selling off our assets to balance her budget. How many properties have ended up, Wink, Wink, in foreigners hands?

Post from   October 17, 2013

In Concert and Jawl Development - Times Colonist

British Columbia Government properties, owned outright, are possibly on the chopping/shopping block just like the one reported in the news this morning.

VICTORIA — The province has put almost an entire block in James Bay, across the street from the legislature, on the market.

It said the goal of the sale is to raise money to help balance B.C.’s budget and to have the private sector build a mixed-use project on the land, in the 500 blocks of Superior and Michigan streets.

No price has been set, said Jamie Edwardson, a Finance Ministry spokesman. “The final price will be subject to the market.”  - Vancouver Sun  - Province puts entire block in Victoria up for sale

Vancouver Sun link is here at the WayBack Machine

Metro Vancouver  2014 Owned lots being sold off, including high priced Victoria

26 in Vancouver
3 in Surrey
2 in Coquitlam
3 in New Westminster
21 in Maple Ridge
95 in Coquitlam
5 in Burnaby

32 properties in Victoria

190 properties   being sold off to Balance BC Budget

709   Long Term Leases are being auctioned off as well


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

No crime is big enough to not be forgiven as long as a fair market price is paid to commit it. aka Takes two to tango.

Anonymous said...

I hear that property behind the Legislature has been sold to Jawl Development of Victoria and has already secured Provincial tenants who are looking forward to moving. Seems Jawl Development has a good track record of building for the government.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

BC Ferries has their New Digs with JAWL

Does JAWL have contracts with the BC Government?

Which came first, the offer or asking for the offer to be put on the market

Anonymous said...

" Which came first, the offer or asking for the offer to be put on the market "

First the BC Ferries building with a loan from BC Ferries of millions to buy in is not in my opinion a function of BC Ferries.... but no one complains. How many other developers would like such a sweet deal ?

The property behind the Leg has been known for some time by government workers as the new digs coming soon. Employees were told in 2015 that this move is coming and could even be ready in 2017.

I can't believe the developer would buy the property without an indication of long term leases that are no doubt profitable.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

Jawl and Concert (a Metro Vancouver Union pension plan fund company)

e.a.f. said...

this is how B.C. lieberals transfer public wealth to their private friends.

Public lands should not be sold, but rather leased for 99 years so as the population and needs of the province change so can the land usage.

Now as to the selling of provincial land: We had el gordo wanting public lands to "pay their own way". So M.L.A. Stan Hagen, late of Comox Valley, approaches the owner of Crown isle and offers him a beautiful piece of land, being used as a park by the community for the grand sum of $350K. This occurred approx. 10 years ago.

Crown Isle in the development and golf course business is anxious. Unfortunately, there being no such thing as a secret in the comox Valley, this became public knowledge. to say enviornmentalists and the general public were upset was an understatement. Upshot: had to go to closed bid. Result: The community was able to raise $650K and Crown isle put in a bid of $1million and change. So we know who got the land.

This land was the head waters for a fish bearing stream, had rare plants, wild life, and eagles' nests. Then one very early morning in moved the logging equipment and down came approx. half of the trees. No permits required. Looks like a moon scape and sits like that to date. The price received for the lumber: unknown by me, but I'd suggest it was close to the buying price of the land.

That is how business is done in B.C. by the B.C. Lieberals. To this day the people of the Comox Valley still elect B.C. Lieberals into office. How dumb they come.

e.a.f. said...

which came first. Yes, a company buys the land and "suddenly" has government tenants. So which did come first. that usually takes a lot of digging. It does sound a lot like the "game" played during the Mulroney years. If you read Stevie Cameron's book, On the Take, the Mulroney Years" she outlines a similar game placed with the P.Cs.

People with little to no money, but great connections could go to a bank and get mortgages on office buildings with a letter saying they would have federal government tenants. it was a fun game. Old leases were paid out or just left and empty and paid for, while the new buildings got new tenants, from the federal government. Given how close the B.C. Lieberals are to federal Conservatives when it comes to games, trains, methods of doing business' who knows perhaps the photo op queen is just doing a re run of an old Mulroney game.

Its how the connected get rich and richer and the taxpayers just keep paying while services decline.