Sunday, February 7, 2016

"This Government does not subscribe to the principle of toll-bridges." - W.A.C. Bennett's takes a different path than BC Liberals Christy Clark

Just last week Premier Christy Clark was in her home Riding of Kelowna (West Bank) selling votes, telling jokes, and Bill Bennett believers agreed, that HIS pet project of the 1980's Restraint Program was designed so that Todays BC Liberals COULD spend $9 Billion of his money building Site C.  No sound financial reason offered by the BC Liberals to the Bennett Elders.

There's the possibility that Christy Clark's plan is to re-name the Peace River Dam to W.R.Bennett which will permit Site C to be named B.R. Bennett    Dam ..............Triple Crown Dams.  .... as in Government 'Crown' ..... not the gambling racehorse variety that plays out at Fort St. John's Agricultural designated land.

Brad Bennett for Premier???

 Brad Bennett, Grandson of W.A.C. Bennett, Son of Bill Bennett,  is Mr. BC Hydro

BC Hydro Chair

Rafe Mair disagrees with Premier Christy Clark's pep talk last week of Bill Bennett wanting Site C built.

Would Yesterday's W.A.C. Bennett, like to stand today, and repeat these words to Premier Christy Clark, in public?
This Government does not subscribe to the principle of toll-bridges. When we took office, the construction of a limited number of toll-bridges was considered necessary in order to provide immediately an adequate highway system throughout the Province.

This Government announced as firm policy last year the abolition of tolls as soon as possible. This administration will recommend the removal of tolls on the Agassiz-Rosedale, Okanagan, Nelson, and First and Second Narrows Bridges by April 1st next to permit free public use. The total cost of building these five bridges was $48,263,369, which will be completely paid off by April 1st. Ownership of these bridges will be transferred to the Province and maintained by the Highways Department along with other toll-free Provincial structures.

I draw the attention of honourable members to the fact that the multiple-lane Port Mann Bridge -- the Trans-Canada highway crossing of the Fraser River above New Westminster which will cost $23,000,000 when completed this year -- will be free of tolls, although the Federal Government is sharing only one-half of the cost of a two-lane structure. I would also point out that in order to obtain such limited Federal participation for the Port Mann Bridge, the Provincial Government was required to repay fully funds paid by the National Government to a previous Provincial administration with respect to the Pattullo Bridge coincident with the removal of tolls therefrom. Despite this, it is the policy of this that both the Port Mann and Pattullo Bridges be free from toll British Columbia Toll Highways and Bridges Authority over the decade since its inception, this self-supporting Crown corporation has provided seven Mainland toll structures and more recently has streamlined and revitalized transportation facilities in the Gulf of Georgia.

Whatever happened to the assets of the British Columbia Toll Highways and Bridges Authority?

Used to balance the BC Liberals Budgets????????

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