Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bob Plecas "Pete" still hasn't found his 1976 "Work-Link 2" Newsletter. NOW he's lost Part II MCFD 2016

Merv, over at    has some      Questions and Answers II

 4) The Ministry of Children and Families is getting a funding lift ($170 million or so over 3 years) and new staff. Will those staff be directed to follow court orders? Answer unclear.


..... Plecas was brought in to shield, protect, and ultimately contributed to the government listening to the statutory representative after government had ignored her for years. But for pity’s sake Vaughn… Surely your friend was not the one spending years digging, advocating, reviewing dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar cases in which underfunding pushed childcare workers beyond the limits of being able to properly function.

 That was Mary-Ellen Turpel-Lafonde. She won’t mention it, but I will. Plecas is just the political fixer, not the advocate. ...... Snip

Taking a step back in time of how effective Government OIC appointee Bob Plecas "Pete" has fared over the years, from start to finish, you'd have to go a way, way, way back to a time when Social Credit Party Premier William Richard Bennett was in control (Page 4 of 11)  from December 22, 1975 to August 6, 1986 (Resigned).

William (the Conqueror) Vander Zalm  succeeded Bill the Elder Sibling on August 6, 1986 to April 2, 1991.

BC Manpower Division

 The Work-link Newsletter 

Volume 1, No. 2 January 15, 1976
Volume 1, No. 1 December 15, 1975
Bob Plecas 1975 flipping taxpayers' coins, and losing

The Case of the missing link???? There were only two (2) issues, first one made it into print, the second??? is all about Work-Link and Burns Lake self sustainable employment.  Work-Link died.

 Now???  Gone???? from a Black and White Two-Stripe Tie to a Colour One-Striper

Work-Link I

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Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. Part II of the Plecas Report..the part that actually deals with the case in which MCFD allegedly disobeyed a court order. Where is that? - Merv