Thursday, February 11, 2016

BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett holding Site C Budget together with fast drying 1% Paint Labour; 0.25% Plumbers and Pipefitters

Why is the Paint department at Site C four times larger than the Plumbers and Pipefitters?

Is the Concrete Structures and Rocks being painted Blue and White to match the BC Liberal Party Colours?

Its difficult, if not impossible, to get a straight answer from the BC Liberals and their Appointees.  It takes the likes of a deleter George Gretes from the GCPE do gooders to really throw a wrench into the BC Hydro system.   Poor old hapless BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett has taken it for granted that the GCPE can add, especially when a 1.25% error can make or break a budget of  $9 Billion.

The GCPE produced a 'Labour Requirement' document that balances British Columbia (and Alberta's and TFW) workforce on a razor's edge between all of the proposed LNG projects up against Site C.

The 27th Premier of British Columbia in 1981 was William Richards Bennett.

Old Bill knew how to crunch numbers, get it right.

Christy Clark?????? not smart at all.

The BC Hydro Engineers from the 1980s B.C. (British Columbia) sharpened their pencils so fine under the guidance of Premier Bill Bennett that they gave him the exact number of 5,418 workers to complete their Site C proposal.   Today's BC Liberals can't give an exact number .... except 100% which equates, supposedly, to a 'Per-Year Average' range of 8,000 workers.

The building plan from day one by either date of 1981 or 2015 was to repeat the success of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam which used a conveyor belt to move the heavy stuff to the dam, continuously.

As you can see from this image .... Downtown Fort St. John is being moved, rock by rock, to become the Dam.

 The major difference between 1981 and 2015 is the lack of oversight from an independent body: eg. British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) which insisted on a number.  5,418, included the Culinary workers and the Office and Technical (Draughtsman).   Christy Clark has NOT included them in her calculations which will mean that the numbers will be buried elsewhere in the Government books. 

For some reason the BC Liberals have decided not to count the White Collared Cooks, the Bottle Washers, Stewards and the chorus of pencil sharpeners of Engineers who typically produce reports in the thousand of pages each.   The only workers included in the 2015 version are the hands on blue-collared tradesmen.

Accountability of the dam workers existence is not being measured in Heads of Men and Women as individuals.  They have been reduced to mere percentages points.   

1981 "Blue Paper No. 5  Labour Considerations"       ?????

A Blue Paper prepared by The Ministry of Labour for the British Columbia Utilities Commission public review of the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority Site C generation/transmission project application.
 October 1981
1981 JOBS are not counted in % of 100
Average Workforce 1981 over seven years: 774

Translated into a Pie format its all about the Who Who's in the Unions
Not Percentages: 5,148 Man-Years Pie, assembled by Union Jobs


Premier Bill Bennett:  1981 Site C Average Workforce:  774 jobs;

Premier Christy Clark  2016 Site C Average Workforce: 100% 

Apples and Oranges measuring.   

It would be easy to say that 774 is equal to 100% in 2016 Dollars

BC Liberals are claiming:

Eight Thousand  "......8,000 person-years of employment." - CBC

Labour Requirements for Site C and LNG

In percentages, of course.

So here is where the GCPE have led BC Hydro Chairman Brad Bennett astray.

Structurally the Dam is Rock.

Rock in Concrete.

Metal.  Re-Bar

Metal in pipes.

Copper in Wiring.

How is it then that:

1% of the workforce will be Painters;

1% will be Cement Masons;

.25% will be Plumbers and Pipefitters (1/4 of 1 percent)

The Numbers just don't add up, correctly.  100 too many.

 The project, which has undergone a thorough and independent multi-year environmental assessment process, will start construction in summer 2015 and will provide approximately 10,000 direct construction jobs


List of Exhibits BC Hydro    from 1981   25 Pages

Google Search:  Site C manpower years:  1981 document    Page 63 of 68


WorkBC latest Postings of Jobs that are NOT listed in those trades ON the dam above

7 jobs   February 13, 2016

8,000 now 10,000


Two questions on this story, from good info received this evening: 1) How many were workers from Alberta and 2) How many were offered cash to stand in line? 

February 19, 2016 Global News

Over a thousand people lined up at both the Dawson Creek job fair on Thursday and the Fort St. John fair today.
BC Hydro says the $9 billion mega-project will create 10,000 person-years of employment during its construction, and workers are needed in a number of trades.


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The graph of 10 years could halt site C ?

No increase of demand

Anonymous said...

well its kind of like this, the current Premier hasn't been able to figure out much. WAC and mini WAC when not running political matters ran a furniture store and other businesses. to do that successfully, you have to be able to add and subtract and understand cash flow. the current premier, not only hasn't finished much of the education she started, but doesn't appear to have done much with her life when it came to business either. She's mostly been in the showbiz/bubble world of the unreal. its why she only knows how to smile, wave, and pose for the camera. figuring out how to run a government is way beyond her.

And with successful families, its usually the third generation who ruins it all.

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742pm and Robertson also ?

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The painters are needed due to the sheer volume of red ink.