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Buzz Words for BC Hydro Smart Grid generates WWWallpaper Industry AND a Site C Monitoring Commissioner

Funny, but how is it that an on-line visitor from Egypt, looking at our Blog image on BC Hydro' Smart Grid Pyramid, produce, after three hours of constructing this Post, to then discover that the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) insisted in a 1983 Decision on Site C, as a condition, a recommendation ... that the Government of British Columbia has chosen to ignore.

Specifically, in lieu of BCUC direct, day-to-day involvement in the Site C project, protecting the Public's interest ... there shall be a Monitoring Commissioner

Page 260 of 332  Monitoring Commissioner for Site C

Christy Clark mantra: Killing off public ownership of ..... BC Hydro ..... is as easy as .....

It shouldn't have come as a complete surprise to find a visitor arriving at our blog from Egypt, after all the
Pyramid is synonymous with Egypt
Qatar Foundation For Education, Science And Community Development

The BBC's image ranking places BC Hydro on the 'wide world web' as top of the line when it comes to the  Smart Grid Pyramid

 BC Hydro's fulfillment to Achieve energy self sufficiency by page 6 of 18

A Site C guarantee:
 All new electric generation will be net zero GHG or will offset GHG emissions (to the LNG industry)

Self Sufficiency  Free-For-All  GHG for Site C preparation: logging with wind powered machinery

The building blocks that BC Hydro hasn't explained to the public clearly is the use of the Alphabet on the Peace River eg. A,B,C,D,E   Where is E on Page 9?  Is it less to build than the $9 billion Site C?  And where is A and B and D?

In 1958, five additional potential sites were identified along the river

 Page 15 of 20

BC Hydro's words:

In 1982, although the BCUC recommended the project not move forward on the basis of a lack of need and insufficient review of project alternatives, it stated in its report:

*[While] the commission recognizes that major impacts will result from the Site C project, the commission concludes that they are not so large as to make them unacceptable.  Provided that appropriate conditions are placed on Hydro and the government responds to the special needs created in the region, the impacts can be successfully and acceptably managed.*
We went looking for that quote that BC Hydro didn't include a  Note to its source and came up with this.

Page 260 of 332  Monitoring Commissioner for Site C

Search for 1982    or  Treaty 8     137 pages

British Columbia Utilities Commission Decisions and Reports for 1983

Item 13  http://www.ordersdecisions.bcuc.com/bcuc/decisions/en/item/112107/index.do

Go to this link and follow the instructions to Click to Download:

BC Hydro Energy Project Certificate Application for Site C - N/A - 1983-05-03
BC Hydro


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Hugh said...

So who writes energy policy in BC? The self-sufficiency plan, for example, means BC Hydro would have to buy expensive power from IPPs in BC, rather than cheaper hydro power from Washington State.

The Clean Energy Act prevents BC Hydro from operating gas-powered Burrard Thermal, supposedly due to CO2 emissions, taking into consideration the fact that one of the uses of LNG in Asia, exported from BC, is to be burned to generate electricity.