Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BC NDP created aliases and secret email addresses for cabinet ministers to hide behind? Christy Clark?

Just so  you know, if Christy's BC Liberals are able to create economic growth in the province, then, and only then, will the 365th promise of forthcoming monies will be found for children, families in need.  There are however, 364 to be satisfied first:
Public sector agreements that connect pay raises to economic growth mean public sector workers are receiving a modest dividend.

"...... tipping point next year with more older people leaving the workforce" requires that the Home Owners Grant be abolished to make way for the 'economic growth' if LNG fails to materialize.

Open Government???? blame the opposition when they were government in 2001 of using aliases and secret email addresses......
  • But we will not take advice from the opposition – a party that, during its time in government, created aliases and secret email addresses for cabinet ministers to hide behind.


November 18, 2015

Fall Session Wrap-Up – Letter to Caucus

Dear Colleagues,
I want to start by thanking you. BC is leading the country in economic growth – thanks in part to your efforts every day to control spending, create opportunity, and invest in B.C.’s future.
When you go home, people will ask you about your work and accomplishments to make a real difference in British Columbians’ lives. We have a lot to be proud of.
  • FortisBC celebrated one year since breaking ground at its expanded Tilbury LNG facility – and proposed a new export facility, working with Tsawwassen First Nation. For the more than 600 people who have worked on the Tilbury project, and for the hundreds more who would work on the proposed export facility – LNG is already happening.
  • Site C will provide clean, affordable energy for generations to come. It’s a major part of BC Hydro’s capital plan:
    • Investing $2.4 billion and creating 12,000 jobs per year for the next 10 years.
    • Site C alone will create 10,000 construction jobs.
  • That’s in addition to our $7 billion of projects in the field. All combined, they will create 150,000 jobs over the next 10 years (15,000 jobs per year)(1,250 jobs per month). Contrast that with the NDP’s record on opposing job-creating projects.
Our growing economy also means we can invest in the services British Columbians depend on.
  • A new, four-year MRI Strategy to add 65,000 more scans per year, a 45% increase.
  • Public sector agreements that connect pay raises to economic growth mean public sector workers are receiving a modest dividend. That means uninterrupted services, without raising taxes or going into debt.
This fall session, we took more steps to modernize BC’s laws, so they work better for all British Columbians. Let me give you four quick examples:
  • The Family Maintenance Enforcement Act will help ensure the best possible supports are in place for children and families.
  • As B.C. hits a tipping point next year with more older people leaving the workforce than young people entering it, the Provincial Immigration Reforms Act will help continue to attract young workers to fill the jobs that come with a growing economy.
  • The Franchises Act encourages more private sector and small business investment by providing more certainty for both franchisors and franchisees.
  • The Workers Compensation Amendment Act implements the five changes the Coroner’s juries recommended in the Lakeland and Babine mill explosion inquests, a key part of ongoing work to make workplaces safer. (Asbestos NOT included)
On open government – it is true we have done more than other governments to share documents online and to engage the public for ideas. But as public expectations change with technology and the times, we need to do more.
I also want to touch on two events which took place outside the halls of the legislature.
  • The Tofino whalewatching tragedy underlined the need for a minister focused on emergency preparedness and disaster response. I want to thank Naomi Yamamoto and her staff for their unwavering focus.
  • The attacks in Paris. As we prepare to receive Syrian refugees, it is important the federal government’s screening process protects all Canadians. But we can’t forget our Canadian value of welcoming newcomers – especially those in need. And we certainly can’t allow terrorists to change who we are.
Speaking of Paris, I will be there at the end of the month for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, where we’ll continue to lead by example:
  • The first and most comprehensive revenue-neutral carbon tax in North America
  • Demonstrating it’s possible to grow the economy while lowering emissions
  • Investing in clean tech, with over 202 clean tech companies in BC
  • And working with large emitters to help reduce their emissions
Thank you for everything you do.
Premier Christy Clark

To repeat, we are no different than the BC NDP, except, we have refined corruption to show the public just how much better we are able to handle the public eg.  FOI, shredding emails and many other documents.

Did you like the last bit:  with over 202 clean tech companies???? Typically, when it comes to bragging rights, the Premier would say    over 200, which could mean 300 or 500 or 100,000.   Over 202 can only mean 203!  The 202 statistic is from a 2011 report.  It could mean that there has been a reduction in clean tech companies.

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March 14, 2012


Bill said...

Uh.. Thanks for this BC Fib update from Ms Sparkle Christy...

Just amazing hubris. A poster child example of our sociopathic 'leader and government'.

I read this post way too early in the day. Maybe a pre post disclaimer/warning could have helped me keep my breakfast in my stomach.

Christy is not brainy she is simply brazen.


e.a.f. said...

gee no mention of 4 dead kids in care. no mention of the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for 15 yrs with no poverty reduction plan. No mention of increased MSP and hydro rates. gee she must be living in another province, but I swear I live in B.C.
No mention of the protests against Site C or the damage it will do to the environment. No mention, well we all get the idea.
life must be good if you're a B.C. Lieberal or one of their friends. Now wasn't one of Christy's contributors going to be asking for a reduction in his electrical rates, while ours was going up.

That woman has more brass than .............