Friday, January 1, 2016

BC Liberals SpenT-o-meter: Site C $10 billion + Massey $4 billion


What about the serious looking Christy's promising to provide her up to date bio on the BC Liberals ........


From the perspective of the Legislature's Young Liberals Interns  ... nothing is taken serious .... except "IT'S WAR" all of the time.

Inside Government Caucus Research
By: Rahim Mohamed

A sign that reads "IT'S WAR" in bold red lettering hangs prominently in the Government Caucus research office.  This is a perfect touch.

The ascetic fits somewhere between political campaign office and military bunker.  The ceiling is patterned with crisscrossing pipes, austere walls plastered with newspaper clippings, old campaign posters, and a faint smell of stale coffee in the air.  It is fitting that the room sits across the hall from an actual jail cell, once used to hold prisoners in the bowels of the Parliament Buildings.

It is Monday morning, which means that it is time to set the research agenda for the week.  Research officers begin to trickle into the War Room.  The meeting officially starts at 7:30 am, when Head of Research Blair Phelps enters the room, notepad in one hand, paper cup of coffee in the other.  "What do we have?" he asks. Snip
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That BC must lead in the area of open government. This means:
  • we have the most comprehensive “open data” platform of  any province in Canada
  • the Premier holds regular open town hall meetings across BC to hear from citizens
  • we use new technology, such as social media,  to give British Columbians more ways to make their voices heard

These three ideals overlap in every decision we make and every policy we create.

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