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Ken Dobell deciples; George Gretes; Laura Miller; Triple Delete 'media fishing trips'

Irony eh, Ken Dobell, the Father of Triple Deleting in British Columbia, a former Deputy Minister to Premier Gordon Campbell, the man who vetted all of the document from the Executive Council, the Cabinet, for the BC Rail trial judges to view, ..... is he still triple deleting his current employers' and clients correspondence?

As columnist Bill Tielman wrote back in 2008:
...... let's not forget that Dobell has a history of thumbing his nose at government regulations intended to protect and inform the public.

Dobell told a 2003 freedom of information conference that he rarely takes meeting notes and deletes most e-mails to avoid their disclosure through FOIs, as required by law.  Snip 

Bill's link to 'Dobell 2003' is no longer valid at The Dogwood Initiative, it is at the WayBackMachine.  Original author is journalist Judith Lavoie of the Victoria Times Colonist from September 26, 2003:
Freedom of information law kills civil service note-taking
Civil servants avoid writing things down because they fear they will become the subject of a freedom of information request, Ken Dobell, deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell, acknowledged Thursday.

Dobell, a former Vancouver city manager, was a panel member at a conference in Victoria marking the 10th anniversary of B.C.'s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Dobell said he now rarely writes working notes of meetings and rapidly deletes most of his e-mails.
However, he said, the intent is not to hide necessary information from the media and public, but to avoid having internal e-mails caught up in media fishing expeditions. 

Must be mighty difficult to separate media fishing trips from the public's right to know.

Panel member Norman Spector, a media commentator and columnist who served as deputy minister to former premier Bill Bennett and chief of staff to former prime minister Brian Mulroney, criticized media fishing expeditions and suggested that reporters should be severely restricted in their FOI requests.

Newspapers should nominate several journalists who they believe should have the right to FOI information and, if the information is not used for developing better public policy, the journalist should be deregistered, Spector said.
Bloggers, media (Bob Mackin,    Laila Yuile,   Norman Farrell ) ARE severely restricted and as to Spector's theory on Newspapers should nominate several chosen journalists to have access to the information? ... the agents for the government are already in place, have been for eleven years eg. Keith Baldrey et al and they just sit on their hands with the information.

A rebuttal from the floor of the conference:
Still, the idea of limiting access caused some disquiet.

"I do have trouble when I hear people talking about registering journalists -- the first thing that comes to mind is Zimbabwe," said one audience member.

Is there a training school for future Order in Council appointees, deleter delinquents like George Gretes and/or the BC Liberal Party's Laura Miller?   A local chapter of the Local Government Management Association of British Columbia?

You betcha, Dobell, the FOI panel member, set up a scholarship in his name in 2010 through to 2013:
The Ken Dobell Public Service Education Fund Scholarship has been established to encourage students with an interest in federal, provincial, local government or First Nations administration and policy studies to pursue post-secondary opportunities. The Fund recognizes the career and public service contributions of Ken Dobell, former Vancouver City Manager, British Columbia Deputy Minister to the Premier, Secretary to Cabinet and Head of BC Public Service.  Snip 
Previous LGMA Scholarship Winners   2010 to 2013. The winners might want to prepare some answers to possible questions on the topic of not triple deleting emails.

Left out of the LGMA program bio is the reason that Bill Tielman brought it to the public's attention in 2008:
"Who said he's under a cloud?"
- Attorney General Wally Oppal after Ken Dobell charged
Only in British Columbia would a guilty man continue to advise a guilty government, with neither showing an ounce of shame.

Ken Dobell was Premier Gordon Campbell's senior deputy minister for years. Last week, Dobell pleaded guilty to breaking the Lobbyists Registration Act and repaid the $7,000 he received for lobbying while in violation.

That Act was introduced, debated and passed while Dobell himself held the most powerful government staff position.  Snip

A slightly different form of practicing 'triple delete' are the Main Stream Media press who have total access to all of what generates their breaking news headline material, the reports, paid for by the Public and NEVER produce links to the sources.  They quote from the reports with streams of 'facts', sift through the documents and then never, never give the link.

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