Friday, November 20, 2015

The BC Jobs Plan: Conservative Canada Starts Here: Energy Minister Bill Bennett offers to vacuum the House once a week

A recently recovered double deleted email from the Premier's Office that was thought to have been triple deleted by her GCPE staff.

So this BC Energy Minister Bill Bennett sits around the House all day and the Premier says, "You could do something useful, like vacuum the House once a week."  

Bennett gives it a moment's thought and says, "Sure why not show me to the vacuum."

Half an hour later, Bennett comes into the 'kitchen' to get some coffee and donuts from the $700 display case.

Clark: "I didn't hear the vacuum work, I thought you were using it?"

Exasperated, the Minister answers, "The stupid thing is broken, won't start, got to buy a new one."

"Really", the Premier says, "Show me - it worked fine the last time there was a photo op. 

 And the BC Liberals want to build Site C on the Peace River for what, or should that be Whom?


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Now that's a great video.

Guy in Victoria

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