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Only a George Gretes can do an FOI on the PRIME database to see if a 'Chargeable' Offence has been tagged on him.

A person, always innocent until proven guilty, such as a George Gretes and any of his known associates eg. GCPE, are in all likelihood registered within the RCMP (Canada wide) PRIME Police Records Information Management Environment.

An FOI may be applied for by a George Gretes et al to ensure that they are not in the PRIME database which would prevent them from traveling into USA flight space but still allow them to work for the BC Liberal Government ... with Cabinet privileges.

In 2012, BC Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham spoke at the 12th Annual Privacy and Security Conference at the Victoria Conference Centre in Victoria, B.C.  Denham recently completed an investigation that found B.C. government criminal checks into its workers was too broad. 

A Vancouver Sun report on the Conference:
...... Abbotsford police Const. Ian MacDonald noted that a negative-contact-with-police result would only be produced for an employment check in the PRIME BC database for a person with a “chargeable” offence.

The person may not have been charged, for example, because the victim declined to go through a court proceeding, he noted.(Eg.?? Christy Clark's Chief of Staff Boossenkool Fired for groping a Cabinet Minister Assistant)

While MacDonald said he understands the privacy concerns surrounding the database and the police information’s use for employment checks, he stressed both provide a valuable service.

“Do we want it to be absolute privacy to everybody? And nobody can have anybody’s record? Or do we want to say there has to be a balance in between?” said MacDonald.

If people want to know what information the police has collected on them, they can ask for an employment check themselves to see what it says. But to get all information police have collected, a person has to make a freedom of information request.

There may be a circumstance where the police would change a negative flag on someone in the PRIME database, but it is rare because the negative flag would have to have been substantiated, said MacDonald.

Other police agencies were reluctant to discuss PRIME BC.

Both the Vancouver police and the RCMP would not provide anyone to discuss the use of PRIME BC and its privacy concerns, referring questions to PRIMECorp. PRIMECorp. manager Russell Sanderson said he couldn’t say how individual police agencies provide information on employment checks because it is under the control of the individual agencies.  SNIPPED

Gretes has qualified for the category of "chargeable offense", so too has Brian Bonney and his co-accused, and possibly former MLA Harry Bloy even though he may be protected by Executive Council (Cabinet) privileges.

But the spider web connections between individuals is onerous when checked against what exactly qualifies for PRIME:  Master Name Indices:   
eg. Triple-O-Delete file:

Police Contacts:
- Victims  eg.  Tim Duncan
- Witnesses eg. Other staff in the office when Triple-O-Delete occurred
- Complainants eg. Tim Duncan and others eg. Privacy Commissioner
- Suspects eg.Executive Council; eg. Deputy Ministers; eg. Assistant Deputy Ministers
- Accused eg. George Gretes
- Etc....

A search of BC RCMP database for the word PRIME also includes includes former Prime Minister of Canada.

One Result of Ten pages and with invisibility capabilities of Versadex involved

Surrey RCMP - Data qualifiers and limitations
Oct 27, 2014 ... Crime data for the quarterly reports is typically extracted from PRIME two weeks following the end of a quarter. The data extracted includes that ...
The data presented represents only a portion of the Surrey RCMP records in the PRIME records management system; it also does not include all offences reported to the Canadian Centre of Justice Statistics. Data contained in this report is also based on information accumulated-to-date. The data presented here may vary from previously produced reports and numbers may continue to change on a daily basis due to the dynamic nature of offences being reported, investigated and/or cleared. Further, Statistics Canada redefines criminal offence codes on an ongoing basis, which may result in changes to how crimes are recorded within PRIME.
Integrated Information Service (IIS) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Jul 30, 2012 ... PROS, PRIME, MCM, etc.), which limits the amount of results returned. The Integrated Information Service (IIS) project aims to provide Chief ...

Privacy Impact Assessment    Executive Summary
Currently, intelligence production within the RCMP is extremely time consuming and inefficient.   Information searches are performed manually in isolation on computer systems/databases (eg. PROS, PRIME, MCM, etc.), which limits the amount of results returned.  The Integrated Information Service (IIS) project aims to provide Chief Criminal Intelligence Executive Sector (CCIE) personnel in support of operations (Intelligence Analysts, Intelligence Officers, and Criminal Intelligence Service Bureau analytical members) the ability to better access and query multiple data sources from a single point.  Within the IIS data structure, it will be compiling both structured and unstructured data from both RCMP Records Management Systems, PROS and PRIME; as well as Major Case Management (MCM) files, namely Evidence & Report III (E&R III).

The IIS query tool will be accessible to these users via the Secure Access Portal on the RCMP ROSS network Intranet, where an Entrust access token will be required to sign on.  By centralizing our three main disparate data sources into a single, read-only data structure, it enables the Criminal Intelligence community to more accurately find more complete results in a timelier fashion.  SNIP

Shouldn't all politicians, and their staff, be tagged in PRIME to ensure that there isn't any possibility of a conflict of interests eg.   Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts   or   Vander Zalm's Fantasy Beware of Taiwanese bearing gifts   or Lobbyists

Vaughn Palmer ..... on Dobell    Delete Everything

Merv Veritas:
It’s clear now what I think we’ve all suspected. Christy Clark’s government is defined by its own governing principle, and that is the avoidance of accountability.

Not George: Not Happy either

The Late Ian Dunlop Reid - The Real Story on Ken
 Bob Mackin on Ken
In a nutshell: The former aide to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Hill + Knowlton lobbyist returned to his family in Calgary after resigning Sept. 23. He was involved in what Clark would only call an "incident of concern." What really went on Sept. 7 at the Bard and Banker Pub in Victoria remains a mystery, but Global TV reported it involved a female subordinate. Here is Jas Johal's Sept. 24 report (recovered from WayBack Machine).

Jonathan Fowlie on Ken
This week, I received a response to another request, which provides yet another interesting window into how the premier’s office operates. In this one, I asked for:
All correspondences (emails, letters, BBMs and/or text messages) sent or received between the following:
  • Ken Boessenkool to Premier Christy Clark
  • Premier Christy Clark to Ken Boessenkool
  • Ken Boessenkool to (Public Service Agency head) Lynda Tarras 
  • Ken Boessenkool to (Deputy Chief of Staff) Kim Haakstad
  • Kim Haakstad to Ken Boessenkool.
The time limit for the request was between September 7, 2012 and September 27, 2012.
In response, I got one document; The resignation letter from Boessenkool to Clark.
To be clear, my request was not limited to communications specific to the Boessenkool incident, but rather was an open-ended request for “all correspondences” during those 21 days.
That means during that time — days that included a trip by Clark to Hong Kong and to China to participate in the World Economic Forum —  the only official document

RossK on Ken
Later yesterday the Ms. Clark's own office confirmed that fact, as Mr. Fowlie made clear in his VSun piece:

...A spokesman for the Premier’s office confirmed Monday (Oct 29, 2012) that no documents were created during the probe, saying all interviews and reports were done verbally....

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