Monday, November 23, 2015

Exon-Mobil-Valdez Prince Rupert LNG Processor floated from Asia: No Jobs for British Columbians

No jobs made in Canada for Canadians by Premier Christy Clark on LNG.

The Washington Group Seaspan has been building Barges for 50 years, so why is Exon Mobil building the Barges overseas when YES WE CAN DO IT.

BC Government Information Index for WCC LNG

Exon-Mobil Prince Rupert LNG
Project Summary


WCC LNG Project Ltd. (WCC LNG Project) (we have to write it twice without and explaination of just what the acronym WCC) is proposing the development and operation of the WCC LNG project (the "Project" at Tuck Inlet , within the city limits of Prince Rupert, BC.  The proposed Project will include production, storage, transfer, and loading of LNG vessels fo rmarine transportaion to offshore markets.

Natural gas will be delivered to the facility through a third party (yet to be determined) pipeline connected up to 15 million metric tonnes  per annum (MTA) and utlimately a maximum production of up to 30 MTA, or approximately 180,000 cubic metres per DAY.  It is anticipated that LNG vessels, with an approximate capacity of 125,000 to 266,000 cubic metres, will be used to transport the LNG, resulting in approximate 330 to 430 carrier loadings per year at full 30 MTA capacity.

WCC LNG Project is currently investigating the geotechnical and environmnetal site characteristics and evaluating concepts for its proposed LNG plant at Tuck Inlet.   Development options under consideration include a marine-based barge-mounted concept and onshore concept (Fiqures 2A and 2B, Fiqures 3A and 3B, and Figures 4 and 5 of Appendix A).  These development options are discussed within the Project components and activities of Section 2.1 and 2.2.
A Single lane bridge and utility corridor????  a short sighted design not addressing the 'what if' scenario if an emergency requires first responders to get to the Far end of the dock.

Or look at if from the other end.  Workers are on the last barge and they have to get off NOW, but have to ramble past the other high risk barges and ships tied to them.  Why not five double lane bridges?
 A barge-mounted LNG facility will consist of up to five loading  barges with production capacity of approximately 6 MTA each or higher pending results of process optimisation studies. ...... It is expected that the LNG liquification process and compression facilities will be powered using the inlet natural gas as the fuel source.  Onshore support facilities for the barge-mounted concept would be located entirely within District Lot (DL) 444, property currently owned by Prince Rupert Legacy Inc., within the limits of the City of Prince Rupert.

 Prince Rupert Anchorages, marinas facilities, and navigation aids.

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