Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Special Prosecutor for George Gretes because .... of his close relationship to two, Cabinet Ministers: de Jong and Stone

With a little inducement Virk and Basi received special treatment at the hands of a Special Prosecutor

Let's save some time on this Gretes file though.  The BC Liberal Government shouldn't wait four years to offer an inducement to settle an ongoing trial, they've only got to the 2017 election in May.

Make the offer Anton, before it goes to Court.

Roll in Cost of Living since the 2010 settlement, and the value of the sinking Canadian Dollar, half the Six million would be $4.5 million for Gretes, but this time the defendant should pick up his legal tab.

 Special Prosecutors are generally appointed for investigations or prosecution files that involve:
Cabinet Ministers;
• Members of the Legislative Assembly;
• Senior public or Ministry of Justice officials;
• Employees of the Criminal Justice Branch;
• Members of the judiciary; or
Persons in a close relationship to any of these individuals.


Charge Assessment Guidelines  For Virk and Basi  and the Sequel

BC Auditor's Perspective on kickbacks to government employees via indemnities 

1 government establish an administrative policy that defines the specific roles, responsibilities and accountabilities required to ensure the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation results in transparent, cost-effective, consistent and well-documented decisions.
2 government confirm eligibility at the conclusion of a proceeding to ensure that coverage was appropriate.
3 government require the individual’s counsel to demonstrate that only eligible services have been submitted to government for payment.
4 government obtain a waiver of solicitor-client privilege for the purpose of audit at the time it agrees to fund private legal counsel for an individual.
5 government provide retained lawyers with guidance on how to include sufficient billing information to enable assessment of compliance with the terms of the agreement while protecting solicitor-client privilege.
6 government establish standard rates for private legal counsel retained under the authority of the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation.
7 administration of special indemnities for criminal matters be managed by an external individual, such as an independent lawyer or member of the Legal Services Society.
8 government review its options for funding costs incurred under the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation to ensure estimated costs are disclosed to the Legislative Assembly and actual costs are reported back to ministries.
9 an annual statement of all payments made to honour indemnities be included in the public accounts, as required by section 74(3) of the Financial Administration Act.
10 annual reporting to the Legislative Assembly include the number, nature and cost of indemnities granted under the Excluded Employees (Legal Proceedings) Indemnity Regulation that have been concluded in that year.

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