Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seaspan / Conservative Government: Fisheries and Coast Guard Icebreaker vessels: using World War I technology construction methods.

If the Auditor General of Canada was concerned about the procurement of jet fighters, not just the manufacturing costs, but the maintenance and operational fees at $45 billion for 60 machines over their normal life span, .... what will he have to say about a $36 billion program to build vessels using  1912 - 1955 technology of wooden template patterns to check the curved shapes of steel plating when other means are so readily available in 2015?  What would SeaSpan marine engineers do if it was not a simple curve, but a compound curve?

Vancouver Shipyards aka SeaSpan specialty is building barges, flat bottom barges, rounded up to the meet the deck to haul sawdust and gravel.  No sharp pointy thing on either end like on a row boat, or a BC Ferry.

In the Vancouver Sun this morning, via an article from a sibling newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen, they depict the activities at the North Vancouver Seaspan operation run by the Washington Group at the foot of Pemberton ....

Era of Steam power is BACK
Washington Group's Seaspan shipbuilding techniques: 1940s era

Is Kinder Morgan or Enbridge looking for manufacturers of  barge like shaped Piping instead of circular..... they should check out SeaSpan  The Washington Group

Question: Is a fisheries 1/2" thick steel and/or an ice breaker's 2" thick steel plate pound-able into a concave shape using:

1) a coal fired steam driven punch
2) an oil fired rotating cam
3) LNG fueled hydraulic ram

Answer:  STEAM

Worksafe BC isn't in the picture, yet, so it must be a photo-op for the Conservative Party of Canada and the BC Liberal Party of British Columbia.  The worker doesn't have ear muff protection gear on.  Foam ear plugs are not permitted.  No Hearing protection is NOT PERMITTED!!!!

How about using a machine like this, eliminates two employees, but who cares when there's a fixed price budget of $36,000,000,000?

3D CNC Plate Bending Machine for Shipbuilding

Because of its low productivity, poor working conditions, high labor intensity and the product quality that cannot be guaranteed and more, the processing of outside plating becomes the bottleneck for shipbuilding


The use of a WOOD template should be setting off alarm bells for the Auditor General, more so for the voters in the Federal election on October 19th!

Delivery 2016   yeah .... right ..... Election year late 2015

CBC Slide 6 and 7
Slide 8, 9
Hmmm these NEW vessels have the look of the Arctic Tugs built for the Oil companies in Northern Canada .... October 1975   Dome Petroleum Ltd. Canmar Supplier III. THE Shipbuilding career started at Burrard Dry Dock, line #326, CCG Weather Ship Vancouver (1966) followed up with the Quadra.

Canmar Drilling Ltd.  Robert Lemeur
The icebreaker "Robert Lemeur" is a prototype vessel incorporating several design features to reduce ice resistance that had never been tested in full scale.

In addition to the reamers and spoon shaped bow are hull lubricating systems, a low-pressure air bubbler system, a high speed heeling system and ice deflecting propeller guards. The LeMeur is an Arctic Class III supply vessel with bulk tank storage capacity for cement and barite as well as ample deck cargo space.
Norway based Vard owns STX Marine which has a satellite Office in Kitsilano

Vard has secured the design and construct contract to build Canada's Diefenbaker Icebreaker....

Construction of BC Barge and Tug Fleet

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