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Beware of Greeks bearing gifts: Dimitrios Pilarinos 1999 (Glen Clark); George Gretes 2015 (Christy Clark)

 Beware of Greeks bearing gifts?? 

Glen Clark resigned as premier in 1999 after police confirmed he was subject of an investigation. He was charged with breach of trust and accepting a benefit of more than $10,000. After a lengthy trial, he was acquitted on both counts, though the judge admonished him for his "poor judgment" in hiring Pilarinos. The judge described Clark's misbehaviour as an "act of folly."

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The man convicted of offering former B.C. premier Glen Clark a benefit to try to get a casino licence has been ordered to perform community service.

Dimitrios Pilarinos was sentenced Friday to two years less a day of "house arrest" which means he won't be able to leave his residence at night.

The Crown had asked for a "substantial period of incarceration" because he tried to abuse his relationship with the province's highest elected official.

But the judge said Pilarinos has already paid a high personal price, losing his house and family since being arrested two years ago.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Bennett also said Pilarinos is not a danger to the public.

As part of his sentence, he must also perform 240 hours of community service.

Will triple-delete Delete the Premier, Finance Minister and Transportation & Infrastructure Minister?

Elizabeth Denham highlighted problems reaching as high as Premier Christy Clark's office, involving the premier's deputy chief of staff.

But she mainly zeroed in on George Gretes, a young political aide to Transportation Minister Todd Stone, who deliberately deleted emails related to safety consultations on the Highway of Tears, and then lied at least six times about it under oath to Denham's investigators.

Gretes resigned Thursday, but not before Denham referred his case to the RCMP. Perjury, the act of lying under oath, is a criminal offence. The RCMP said it's reviewing the case.

Denham's report drew attention to the practice of "triple-deleting" emails by government officials, in which a person can permanently scrub a record from a government server by deleting it from their email inbox, trash folder and then from a special "recover deleted items folder" before it's captured by the automatic monthly backup on the provincial system.

George Gretes was hired (2013) by Finance Minister Mike de Jong one year (2014) before Transportation Minister Todd Stone.  One can only imagine how many Triple-O-Deletes happened under de Jong's watch.

OIC 235   June 10, 2013 Everyone to assist the Ministers were hired, except Gretes

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BRIGGS, Taylor got the nod instead of GRETES, George?

(OIC)  249  June 17, 2013

Executive Assistant to Mike de Jong, Finance, confirmed by LinkedIn

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British Columbia Order in Council  249

OIC 454  July 14, 2014  A step down to Ministerial Assistant  Transportation and Infrastructure

George Gretes Work Experience prior to becoming an Executive Assistant to Finance Minister Mike de Jong and/or demotion as a Ministerial Assistant to Transportation Minister Todd Stone


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Favourite movie: Gladiator

George Gretes                     Tim Duncan
Favourite food: steak

Favourite singer: Frank Sinatra

Favourite television show: Law & Order

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Four times Executive Officer of the University of Toronto, St. George Campus, Greek Student's Association (Twice as President).

2010 - 2011 Past President of the University of Toronto Campus Conservatives a venerable organization that has produced a wide variety of distinguished alumni in politics, business, and industry.

Tim Duncan

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e.a.f. said...

I do remember that little raid on Glen Clark's house, just in time to make the 6 P.M. news. Hello the RCMP and the B.C. Lieberals. Do remember reading something about the RCMP investigator having been "friendly" with the B.C. Lieberals and el gordo. After a lot of shit going down, Glen Clark was not convicted of anything.

Do not expect any of this to make major MSM news. Might not even make the back page. All gifts from the MSM to Christy Clark and the B.C. Lieberals. RCMP, doubt if they will even do much of an investigation. They have their 20 yrs contract complements of the B.C. Lieberals, nice new building in Surrey. hell they don't even do much about all the allegations of sexual harassment.

So in the end, Glen Clark is the President of Patison Group. el gordo convicted of drunk driving and still at the public trough, only in England this time, still running up bills at the tax payer expense. Guess the only punishment he got was having to take his wife with him.

Now as to the "gifts" from Greeks. In my opinion, the gift to the B.C. lieberals will truly be a gift because there are no records. Nothing is going to happen on the legal front and B.C. will just go back to sleep, just as they do when a child in care dies.

Oh, Christy did show up for her photo op in Tofino after the accident, just doesn't show up when a B.C. child dies in care. Like how many kids do we have dead now on her watch? Don't expect anything to happen with the "gifts from Greeks". it would be nice if it brought her down, but look at B.C. Rail and not much happened there either. They got re elected.

Shame on the B.C. Lieberals and shame on the voters of B.C.