Sunday, August 30, 2015

Can you See what I see?

Alternate Captions welcomed
Can you See What I See?
BC Forest Falling not Burning, no photo ops
Mike Duffy?
Nigel Wright?
Ray or Chris?

Conservatives - Friendly Fire eg. Ford for Prime Minister

Upper Levels - Lonsdale August 29 2015

Disaster Response Route

Root to the South covered with Asphalt, North side covered by the Disaster Response Road

Lower Mainland Disaster Response Route Map

A Third Crossing from the North Shore

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Terrrafirma said...

The last time the two bridges came to a standstill, due to accidents, the whole North Shore came to a standstill, with cars backed up to oblivion. Nobody could move on these so-called "Disaster Routes". It is complete disaster, itself. The North Shore is on it's own, if a real disaster should strike.