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Abbott and Costello: Health researcher Firings: de Jong is on '1st'; Bond is on '2nd'; Lake is on '3rd', Oakes is on '4th'

Without missing a beat Abbott and Costello Who's on First never mentions the real baseball players by name, whereas the extreme political GCPE wizardry that Premier Christy Clark game plan employs, and foists onto the real players of Mike de Jong ('Who's' on 1st), Shirley Bond ('What's' on 2nd) and Terry Lake ('I don't know' on 3rd) have played convincing roles of shifting blame of 8 Health Researchers firings onto the lone shoulders of Margaret MacDiarmid who has been held publicly responsible, is breath taking in sheer stupidity.   MacDiarmid is no longer accountable to the Legislature during Question Period, no longer an MLA, not even held accountable to the Public nor the Press because her bit part now involves the common thread of 'It's before the courts'.

Third Base Player: In all the back and forth of the Legislative floor during Question Period for the past two years, Terry Lake, Minister of Health, has risen to answer questions with few replies, has been tagged out with 'I don't know'.
I don't know
Second Base Player: Shirley 'Temple' Bond, great actress and dancer, bobs and weaves in her Acting role.

First Base Player:  Mike de Jong, lousy actor, long suspected of being the brains behind the 'in-house investigation', continues to find a scapegoat for a bungling BC Liberal Party in his Acting role.  Public Inquiry would cost too much.  What's that saying of Lawyers, Justice must be seen to be done.

Question Period protocol in the Legislature is that the Members opposite may only ask Questions of the Minister responsible and if by chance the Minister is out and about on a photo op, then a lesser accomplished Minister responds on serious matters like the firings of the health researchers instead of dropping questions into the brain lap-se of a CoraLee Oakes , or a Harry Bloy, on the BENEFITS of the Jumbo Glacier by denying the un-elected community leaders from returning $180,000 out of a $200,000 grant.

If de Jong and Bond and Lake are looking for a prime candidate for 'fourth' base, dial in Oakes.

In the 2015 Spring Session on the Health firings, if Health Minister Terry Lake ('I don't know') is not available, then Finance Minister Mike de Jong ('Who') rises and baits the Opposition without even acknowledging that a Question was asked.   It's been a fine base line run that de Jong has been walking because although he's the Finance Minister now, he was the Health Minister then, when he ordered the in-house investigation to take place and then shifted his not nailed down base bag onto an unsuspecting, ill prepared, Margaret MacDiarmid.

There is an official loop-hole (Order in Council (OIC)) on shared responsibility, penned by Premier Christy Clark herself, penned large enough to drive a Zamboni or two through the space between short stop and second base.   We found it late last night and and it immediately reminded us of the Abbott and Costello skit.

Technically MacDiarmid, in 2012/2013, was the Health Minister but standing up in the dugout then, were two keen players willing MacDiarmid to fail, making the Minister of Health unavailable.  Her failure could be that she was not in Sick Culture of Victoria, or was ill from the Sick Culture of Victoria, real or imagined.   The BC Liberal Team had One Minister, two Acting Ministers for Triple Play Pay.


OIC 593 Approved and Ordered on September 5, 2012 signed by Premier Christy Clark on Schedule - "Acting Ministers" for each Ministry.

Health  2012/2013
Minister   Margaret MacDiarmid
1st Acting Minister Michael de Jong
2nd Acting Minister Shirley Bond

(b) a minister named in Column 3 of the attached Schedule (the "first acting minister") is appointed acting minister for the minister named opposite in Column 2 (the "primary minister")
(b) (i)  when the primary minister is absent from the capital or is unable through illness to perform duties of his or her office, or
     (ii) for a matter with respect to which the primary minister has a CONFLICT of INTEREST or an apparent conflict of interest, and
The NDP have been doing their best during Question Period to address the Health Researchers firings, but what if they were able, allowed to by the Speaker, to address their Question to the Acting Health Minister of their role in the firings instead of Lake.

What if the Press were to use an FOI on the Travel Expenses for MacDiarmid, de Jong and Bond, seeking to confirm if 'Who' or 'What' was in Victoria directing the firings?

Direct questions, on the street, might illicit the truth.  It's out there somewhere.

Conflict of Interest was specifically mentioned in the OIC.  Why?

As an MD, was MacDiarmid in a conflict of interest, a sworn hypothetical code of ethics

Letter to Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services
- July 7, 2015.pdf

Premier Glen Clark's 'Acting Minister' from which Premier Christy Clark has culled upon, and edited,
  Members' Conflict of Interest Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 287, s. 11


Abbott and Costello on Finance Minister Mike de Jong's math


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