Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Part I: NSMiBsHA Trails Goal: Public Pit toilets for everyone on the North Shore

North Shore Mountain irritable Bowel syndrome Hiker Association (NSMiBsHA) 

 Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.
~William Ruckelshaus, 

North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) webpages have plenty of photos,    videos too, of their endeavours to turn our rough hewn trails of the 1920s to fill their needs to speed.   More power to them, creates this:

Before        and          After
Free 'Lunch' trails for Hikers  < >  'Eight course meals' for  Mountain Biker appetites

Trail Building A, B, C, D's

What is not readily known to the general public, nor publicized by mountain bikers, is the proliferation of pits (4' diameter  X 4' Deep) dug into the mountains within six feet of either side of the trails to get to their building resources.

And then leave these pits as is because there's nothing to put in them:
Note from NSMiBsHA to NSMBA:  Is there a 'Pit' Maintenance Cover Charge paid to DNV?
There is a penalty for others if a log is involved:
Kraal has been charged with setting or placing a trap with intent to injure, mischief by obstructing use of property, and mischief endangering life.  - North Shore News

Mountain bike trail blazers:

Don't Hear of the dangers they've created by digging pits for dirt and boulders.
Don't See the need to post warning signs of their completed pits.
Don't Speak to others of the damage to the environment and public property.

More importantly they are not into documenting with game cameras of: 
setting or placing a trap with intent to injure, mischief by obstructing use of property, and mischief endangering life

Advice to mountain bikers:
Here at the District's Environmental Department we do our best to protect the integrity of the beautiful natural environment of the North Shore, while working to ensure any development is as sustainable as possible. However, we cannot work alone. Everyone can do their part to protect our natural resources. Simply by being mindful of the effects of our actions on the environment we can begin to restore the environment’s natural beauty.

Enforcing environmental bylaws alone is not enough to protect the environment. The Earth’s natural resources need to be preserved, and everyone can do their part. In this section you will find information and links to resources on how you can do your part. You can make many simple changes in your own home and day-to-day activities that will contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Nature is not our property, it is our community. The Environment Department hopes to continually educate people about trees, soil, and water, as well as sustainable living and sustainable building.  We hope to promote responsibility and coexistance with nature around us.    DNV

Dirt doesn't grow on trees, or bridges, but .... it does for NSMB

Roach Hit Bridge Rebuild

Where is all this dirt coming from? 
Ask Kever
Chain Saw Massacre


Home Depot Bucket Brigade

Need a tree, Cut a Live Tree

How many Pits have been dug on Fromme, Seymour and Cypress to fuel the NSMB cravings?

Ask this guy?

NSMB Director of Trails
DIGGER: If I hadn’t started building trails I’d probably be an alcoholic, boozing all the time or be fat. I think it is fantastic sport. It gets people out in the environment.
Brown's Social House menu is not Cheap

Free Hub Mag Video
Then there's this crowd:
MTB Cypress and its’ advocacy message is clear: “Share”, “Protect”, and  “Stewardship”. (like the above photos not provided just like NSMB)

 On behalf of the current MTB Cypress supporters, riders from around the world, trail builders, shops, and beer makers … we are here to Share, Protect, and provide Stewardship for the Advanced Trails for Future Athletes on Cypress.

War in the Woods is not between Hikers and Mountain Bikers

War in the Woods is between Mountain Bikers and the Environment


Corporate Sponsors?  Why is BC Hydro in the Platinum Category when they are supposed to be building Site C?  Why isn't the Independent Power Producers in the Platinum Class?


Terrafirma said...

Just one small correction. The local MTB org is called the "North Shore Mountain Bike Association" (NSMBA).

This group, along with the newly formed "MTB Cypress", stake claim to our three North Shore mountains, at the expense of all other "stakeholders", plus Metro's LSCR.

The MTBers' and their corporate cohorts' penchant for digging up endless public toilet pits, off trail, leaves me wondering why they don't think to also leave us hikers, and dog walkers some toilet paper hanging off a tree branch?

Anonymous said...

Terrafirma said

The mountain bikers' "Kangaroo Court" has meted out more "fair and just" punishment ideas for the accused, recently:

singlecoil 05-06-2015 06:01 AM
(For some strange reason, on the "All times are GMT +1")

"Give her a criminal record and lay some large logs on her lawn/driveway daily for 25 years. Then someone gets a government paid job to lay logs and she suffers her own medicine. Also, place logs across her stairs, then maybe she might get it."


Lovely bunch of coconuts, these MTBers!

Terrafirma said...

More trail sabotage on Fromme Mtn, this holiday weekend, according to source:
May 17, 2015 Skid Road Ascent Trail Report
"skimtnbikekayak" reported:

"Unfortunately, I believe that someone placed quite a number of large logs, sticks and boulders at various places (6+) on/across the trail. The position and size of the objects and the nearby vegetation, rocks and geography convince me that these were purposeful placements and not caused by natural falls/erosion nor by normal bike riding or hiking. I cleared all the objects as best I could on my ride up at about 5:30 pm on May 17. They weren't dangerous, because riding uphill, but a number were not passable and so very disruptive."

"canadaka" Mod Plus (May 18)commented:
"This is not the first time this has happened on this trail"

I guess the MTBers will be taking their surveillance cameras up there, next? It is so much easier to trap little old ladies laying branches on a Hiking Only trail, the MTBers poached, I guess.