Monday, May 4, 2015

Knowledge Network told to toe the line on respect for taxpayer's dollars. And then there's Christy GCPE and Friends

Boy oh Boy former Advance Education Minister Amrik Virk sure has stirred up a hornet's nest of marching orders for everyone heading up Public Sector Organizations after his KPU screw up by working behind the scenes to manipulate the compensation of his Executives.

Mandate Letters have been flying ever since he was promoted to look after the documents that really need to be shredded before someone thinks that there's a need for an FOI.

The key wording is public sector organizations, not, all those expensive untendered contracts which just manages to slip under the wire of respect for the taxpayer's dollars.

To Knowledge Network

Dear Miss/Mr/Mrs:

One of government's core values is respect for the taxpayer's dollar.  It is critical that public sector organizations operate as efficiently as possible, in order to ensure British Columbian are provided with services at the lowest cost possible.


June 2014  Vaughn Palmer1
“Provincial public sector organizations will operate under new principles that strengthen accountability, promote cost control, and ensure they operate in the best interest of taxpayers.”
Really? Weren’t these folks elected 12 years ago on a promise to do all that and more, being the party that was going to manage the heck out of every one of your hard-earned tax dollars?

Still, there was no mistaking the current date on the release, nor the up-to-the moment vow from Premier Christy Clark.
“One of this government’s core values is respect for the taxpayer’s dollar,” she was quoted as saying. “We received a mandate to control government spending and ensure the best possible use of government resources.”

She and her colleagues did indeed get a mandate to do that. It was right there in the 2001 election platform, point #10 on the vision statement, promising: “Responsible, accountable management of your public resources and tax dollars.”

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