Saturday, April 11, 2015

When Canadian MinisterJames Moore says 80% of bunker Oil is cleaned up, don't take his word for it: US Oil Spill expert says "OK"

What is with our Canadian Government Ministers making announcements, not yet confirmed by our military generals, via twitter?   Jason 'Jack-Ass' Kenny comes to mind.  Now we have our very own MP going begging for a Made in the USA stamp of approval as to whether or not our Coast Guard has done a good job.

Looking around our shores, the answer is a resounding NO!

Why not let the Americans clean up Oil spills in our waters because Minister James Moore asked, and received, a USA certificated expert's permission which allowed Press Release tweets stating that 80% was considered to be a job well done by the Canadian Coast Guard, 'quick and effective'.

Twitter, Inc. (US) Twitter Accounting of CCG day starts off on the North East Coast breaking ICE and then abruptly turns on its heel and goes to West Coast of Canada, Vancouver, English Bay, Kitsilano, West Vancouver, North Vancouver.

UPDATE:   Can the CCG Assistant Commissioner Giroud point to where the six litres are located, and then clean it up OR does 6 litres cover six square kilometres?

Girouard. “ ... we don’t want to get to a conclusion before all the facts are in.”

He said as of Friday night, when a Transport Canada plane surveyed the area, an estimated six litres of oil remained in English Bay, but that much of it likely evaporated overnight. Officials confirmed Thursday the Marathassa was the source of the spill, which fouled the waters around English Bay on Wednesday afternoon with an estimated 2,700 litres of bunker fuel.  -Vancouver Sun

DFO Pacific @DFO_Pacific  ·  4h 4 hours ago

.@CCG_GCC US Oil Spill expert confirms CCG response was quick and effective #Marathassaspill


2,700 litres spilled in English Bay is a far cry from The Battle of the Atlantic's oil tankers set afire by U Boats.  Merchant navy sailors (men and women) swimming through the black ooze, never fully recovering afterwards, ...... drownings.

Girouard would have us believe that The Oceans sing out   "but We've survived" Fukushima radiation; Oil tankers ablaze, spewing their black gold around the world; SS Torrey Canyon, lead entombed in rusting U-Boats lying on bottom to then be resurrected to re-emerge to harm mankind again ... chipping away at the bottom of the food chain;  the still missing chlorine rail car tanker between English Bay and Nanaimo (THANKS CPR)

We weep, not just for the 2,700 lost litres in English Bay, We weep for our Fallen, our Grand Parents, our Uncles and Aunts, our Brothers and Sisters and Earth.

Take note Canadian Coast Guard Assistant Commissioner Girouard

WW1 - Modeller
 U-Boats 'lost'


Anonymous said...

isnt kinder morgan company cleaning it up?

North Van's Grumps said...


A commenter left this over at the Gazetteer:

Don F. said...

The first time I heard that someone with a title ending in CORP. was handling the cleanup it got my attention.

Now it seems we are in bed further and further reliant on guess who?

Kinder Morgan is the majority owner of the company Western Canada Marine Response Corp. hired and payed for by your tax dollars.

Doesn't that just give us goosebumps?