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Underwater Tailings Pond Breaches: CanDo Canada & British Columbia Lakes and Marine Fjords

A Brief Submitted to the Royal Commission of Inquiry: Health and Environmental Protection Uranium Mining September, 1979

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Another method of tailings disposal has been underwater, both fresh and salt water.  This method has been used in the past and is currently being used at three mines in British Columbia
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Underwater Disposal


By pumping their tailings into the sea, mining companies
remove unsightly tailings on land. They “solve” the problems
of maintaining tailings impoundments and dams,
and managing acid mine drainage and metal leaching
from tailings impoundments, sometimes “in perpetuity”
(forever). And in case of a dam failure, mining companies
avoid the risks of social rage and of expensive clean up.
Unlike on land, if something goes wrong with an STD
system, there is little the company, or anyone else, can do.
The public may not even discover a problem, because it is
out of sight under the sea. Even if a problem becomes
known, it is harder to hold a company legally and financially

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