Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NSMBA How-to Take Illegal videos in Parks to be used in the Courts of public opinion

How-to catch a thief, a cattle rustler, a trespasser, a hiker:

1. Position the camera high. You can stand on a bike's top tube or the shoulders of a friend to get the camera high enough that it's hard to take down or to damage the camera. The game cam is less likely to be seen if it's higher. It's pretty stunning how oblivious people are to things not in their direct line of vision so just move the cam up a bit and it'll be practically invisible.

Post No Signs


When her name is released, make sure it is spread far and wide so that all of the city, including her colleagues, friends & family know how selfish and dangerously she acted. But do it with class.

Stay classy. We are better than she is.

 Do it with Class  .... cultivate respect

Who is running NSMBA, the Wild, Wild, Wild Hang Them High Americans?


 ..... For our own witnesses, lawyers should advise witnesses how to address the court
and educate them about the procedures that will be followed in eliciting their evidence. Further, we may draw their attention to relevant issues, assist in refreshing their memories by referring to known facts or other evidence and prepare them to stand up to a hostile cross-examination. We may not, however, suborn perjury, persuade witnesses to avoid summonses or obstruct access to witnesses by other parties. Although we must prepare witnesses, we must take care not to put words into the mouths of witnesses or advise them to manipulate or withhold evidence. In general, as set out in part 2A to this discussion paper, we must not permit witnesses to be presented in a misleading way.

NSMBA members have a few suggestions

Place rocks at the bottom of her driveway


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Terrafirma said...

The mountain bikers' "Kangaroo Court" has meted out more "fair and just" punishment ideas for the accused, recently:

singlecoil 05-06-2015 06:01 AM
(For some strange reason, on the NSMB.com: "All times are GMT +1")

"Give her a criminal record and lay some large logs on her lawn/driveway daily for 25 years. Then someone gets a government paid job to lay logs and she suffers her own medicine. Also, place logs across her stairs, then maybe she might get it."


Lovely bunch of coconuts, these MTBers!