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In Real Time the (Chip and Shannon) Wilson School of Design will ........ not open on July 15, 2015

It was, sort of, a hype that traditionally goes with pre-election promises of late 2012.   And so it was.

Premier Christy Clark and Lululemon founder Chip Wilson announced a Partnership for a School of Design.  "Our government is proud to partner with the Wilsons and Kwantlen Polytechnic University to build this new school."

Is there a limit, guidelines, written by the BC Government that levels the playing field on just how much taxpayers contributions are permitted to be matched:

BC government $12m to KPU $12m to Private funds of Chip/Shannon $8m and Lulu $4m

Is the completion of the Wilson School infrastructure in the same league, same timeline, as Clark's School of LNG, and on budget?

Site Preparation

Site works for the Wilson School of Design will begin shortly. The Wilson School of Design will be a free-standing building located on the west side of the campus, facing Kwantlen Street, in what is currently parking lot R1. The new building will be separated from the existing building by a distance of approximately 13 metres.

Site works will impact some facilities and infrastructure on the west side of the campus, including one of the west entrances, parking lot R1, power and lighting, and the loading dock. Site works activities will include initial site preparation, ground densification and preload. Work is expected to begin on Monday, Dec. 2 and will conclude in May 2014. Construction of the building will begin the following month, June 2014, and will be completed in July of 2015.

June 2014 is history, July 2015 is four months away, and all there is to the WSD is a parking lot covered in compacted sand.
Real Time  02/02/2015

Fanfare mustered by GCPE for  Premier Christy Clark on December 7, 2012:

Partnership designed for continued success at KPU
 KPU, has four campuses located in Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale and Langley, which are attended annually by more than 18,000 students.

..... The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design will enable KPU to increase the overall number of design students by 57 per cent. As well as housing the current design programs, the school will be able to offer additional programming to attract new students to the Richmond campus.

"KPU has a well-earned reputation for design excellence, and this new facility will enable us to build on that success and ensure British Columbians have the skills to succeed in this growing industry," said Dr. Alan Davis, KPU president and vice-chancellor. "We are enormously grateful to Shannon, Chip, lululemon and the Province for this investment. This gift will be transformative for KPU and for B.C.'s design industries."

The project is scheduled to break ground in the fall of 2013 and is estimated to generate 293 jobs during construction. It will be ready for a student intake in September 2015.
Christy Clark was presenting quarterly reports on Major Projects in British Columbia
Proposed 4,900 sq m facility for a technical apparel design program. Funding will be provided by the provincial government ($12 million), Kwantlen Polytechnic University ($12 million),, Shannon and Chip Wilson ($8 million), and lululemon athletica ($4 million). - Source: BC Major Projects Inventory      Source: June 2013 Excel  Line 78   Completion year 2016  in Richmond!

March 2014

Report to the Board: June 6 - September 8, 2013 - Kwantlen ...

Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Sep 8, 2013 - With the appointment of Amrik Virk as Minister of Advanced ... The university's Accountability Plan and Report for 2012/13 was issued in July and is available at .... The Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design. ...... the Board of Governors in January 2014 with a potential launch in September 2014.
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Were the costs for these trips to faraway places documented in the Minutes of KPU?


Richmond Campus Preloading Site works for the Wilson School of Design are proceeding on schedule. Initial site preparation and vibro stone densification were completed on Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014. A total of 360 stone columns, which will stabilize the ground to support the future building, were installed.

The next phase of the site work is preloading, which is required to limit post-construction settling of the building. There will be a short period of site cleanup and then, for a three-week period beginning on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014, sand will be piled over the site to a height of 4.0 metres. The sand will remain on the site for approximately eight weeks. The sand will be removed when preloading is complete, which is anticipated in May 2014. Construction of the building is expected to begin the following month.

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