Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Winner is: Premier Bill Bennett. The Loser is (we had a tip): Premier Christy Clark

Back in our February 18, 2013 Post we knew then that Premier Christy Clark's Election promise of Debt Freedom 50 years based on a Trillion Dollars LNG industry, would fail, fail because of the past experience of the Socred Party's promise by Premier Bill Bennett's BCRIC.

We knew from the get go that Premier Clark's would be in a dead heat race to the bottom as to whether or not jockey Sir Bennett riding on  BCRIC One would win out over jockey Dam Clark riding on BCRIC II (aka $50 Billion Prosperity).

Come on Prosperity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we cheered, and then tore up our shares for we betted on the wrong horse.

Premier Christy Clark's Gold BCRIC Version II .... The Prosperity Fund

Second Place First

First Place Second

Premier Christy Clark promised a new industry of LNG and there's nothing happening.  Million of taxpayers dollars have been spent promoting Government programs, Government officials ..... and all that the BC Liberals can harp back as a defense is to point to the failure of the BC NDP Fast Cat Ferries as a bench mark.

The difference is that the Dippers followed through with job experience building those vessels.  Those apprentices became trade persons who are now contributing to the economy of the province and paying income taxes to the BC Treasury.  Where are the jobs today?

When is Premier Christy Clark going to 'walk the talk' on Prosperity, Debt Freedom ..... is a bust!

There is an out for BC voters, lawsuits.

December 11, 2014

Vancouver Sun

 Hard Copy/Home delivery

Page D4: Business

Mining Law


Canadian parent companies on hot seat

By Drew Hasselback

Vancouver Sun borrowed this story from The Star Phoenix, which is bizarre since the case is before a British Columbia Court......

..... suing the Canadian parents (company) for negligence and other traditional torts on the grounds that management hasn't lived up to the standards outlined in its public pronouncements.

"Realize that when you're making these statements, you're creating a situation in which you'd better ensure that your subs and employees are properly trained, and that there are no incidents which could give rise to liability," Mr. Sarabia says.

The implications are simple. Canadian companies must be prepared to defend themselves in Canadian courts based on Canadian principles, lawyers say. These cases involving the activities of foreign subsidiaries are landing in Canadian courts based on traditional and recognized Canadian legal principles.  .....

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e.a.f. said...

oh how I do remember those Bric share swindles. People lost thousands and thousands of hard earned dollars. when politicians go around promising the average voter they're going to make them rich, people need to watch out. Sort of like those phone calls from Nigeria.

Thanks for the memories, I recall one man who lost $30K on those bric shares.

Now as to premier photo op, you do have to wonder, with all that debt piling up, and no LNG or any other supply of cash, how does she and her cabal plan on paying the bills. I know she'll try raises rates and taxes, but really people are tapped out. its cheaper to move to another province, if you are retired.

If I get to vote, I'd vote the s.s. Christy will sink lower than the price of oil and the Canadian $. The crop of B.C. Lieberals don't have any idea of how to even run a pop stand.

We may have made fun of WAC's government of used car dealers, but at least they knew how to run a business. This bunch, not so much,.

All they do is mine for gold ($17M a yr) in the pockets of children who live at 50% below the poverty line. Only province in Canada without a poverty reduction plan. Hell Christy doesn't have any plan for anything, except for perhaps how to get ready for her next photo op. Can't wait for the party to dump her, because in the end they will have to.