Monday, December 29, 2014

Is there an Oligopoly-gist for BC Hydro?

An oligopoly is a market form in which a market or industry is dominated by a small number of sellers (oligopolists). Oligopolies can result from various forms of collusion which reduce competition and lead to higher prices for consumers.
Under the thumbs of Premier Gordon Campbell and Premier Christy Clark, the British Columbia Utilities Commission has been sitting on it's thumbs while major prices are being paid for dams that the Public doesn't even know if new sources are needed at all.

Once upon W. A. C. Bennett-time, Father of BC Hydro, invented his version of the game of monopoly.  No competition, no price wars, no artificial tinkering by introducing wind, micro damming, requirement to pay higher prices to independent power producers, no collusion, no heritage funding, no debt.

It seems, now, that BC Hydro's Octopus head is fighting against the will of it's eight tentacle supplemental suppliers, IPP, required sources of cleaner energy.

Is Site C the route go even though a new turbine Mica #6 could be added to the existing dam for far less money?

Should the BC Liberal Government stick with the number 6 or go for the alphabet rating system of C?

Are the prices that BC Hydro is paying for the components that go into either Site C or Mica #6 fixed?   Is there collusion?
Collusion is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage.
 Sultan, Ralph G. M., Pricing in the Electrical Oligopoly, Vol. I: Competition or Collusion, Boston: Harvard University Press, 1974.,+Ralph+G.+M.,+Pricing+in+the+Electrical+Oligopoly,+Vol.+I:+Competition+or+Collusion,+Boston:+Harvard+University+Press,+1974.&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=AoChVLWgLcqpogSLg4KIDg

 There is a reason why the Courts Prosecutors and Defense Counsel prefer to weed Doctors, Engineers and Journalists out of the Jury pool, too analytical.  Everything has to add up to a logical answer.    MLA Ralph Sultan would seem to be the logical person to be the Minister of Energy for BC Hydro........

Who are the Oligopolists in the Court of Public Opinions regarding the benefits of Site C?

Coincidentally or Fortunately, Ralph G. M. Sultan's first Volume on Oligopoly was reviewed by M. A. Adelman who wrote:
This first of two volumes is in an old and good tradition:  mining or quarrying a voluminous court record to write narrative-analytic economic history.  After a brief industy background, there is a summary account of the notorious electrical apparatus consipiracies on three important types of heavy equipment.  The author then summarizes "NINE BILLION DOLLARS of treble damage suits" and makes a detailed study of one of the biggest,  brought by American Electric Electric Power against Westinghouse and General Electric.  The writer is discontented with the outcome, and takes over the job of dispassionately examining the evidence to suggest what really happened.

Not to be confused by Oligopolist, an Apologist is: 
a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial.

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