Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fair Incendiary Comment: One Record Album contains: paper = 451 F.; cardboard = 500 F.; vinyl record = 400 F. (melts); Bill Cosby = Hell

Within our record collection of 173 albums we came across five Bill Cosby's, and then we went Hmmmmmmm.

One, maybe two, were our purchases but the other three,    hand me downs.

We don't suppose that the old adage of 'Innocent until Proven Guilty' will help the Public understand the rights of either Bill Cosby or CBC's former Q-man-dude-who-did-do-it reputations.

Cosby's reputation isn't going to rebound! 

What does one do with the physical components of paper, cardboard, and vinyl?  Recycle? Heat the house?

Q-man-dude-who-did-do-it, we never listened to, nothing to delete.

 CBC has taken a stand against this:

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - Shows - Shows - CBC Player
A lack of racial diversity is the least of this film's problems, says CBC's Eli Glasner. Watch>. Republic of Doyle | Dec 10, 2014. 610 - Last Call (Series Finale)


The Province   Sunday, December 14, 2014...........
Retro Resurgence.....

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