Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gordon Shrum's disciples: Coleman and Bond sipping LNG laced drinks in the BC Legislature Precinct

 July 16, 1970
BC Hydro boss .........Gordon Shrum says pesticides safe and drinks glass of diluted 2,4,5-T on TV. “ Our chemists told me the only problem I had was getting the taste out of my mouth. It was like dirty crankcase oil, but I found that vodka was good for rinsing out my mouth. In any case the exercise was good publicity for combating SPEC - that’s the Society for Promoting Environmental Crap- propaganda.  -  Blog Borg Collective Post  May 24, 2012

There ought to be a law that says neither bombs, nor bombers, nor grandstanding politicians be allowed to take an explosive material into the BC Legislative Precinct.   The RCMP did allow two bombers with their pressure cookers intact (but disarmed??) onto the grounds on July 1, 2013.

Then there was the Budget speech by Finance Minister Kevin Falcon where a brethren BC Liberal invited Jaspal Atwal, a convicted terrorist, into the Precinct.   The 'guest' was removed once his status within the community was brought to the attention of the Sargent at Arms.

If you happen to have missed Rich Coleman and Shirley Bond mixing Natural Gas with a source of ignition inside the Legislature .....

The Victoria's 'Sick Culture' 'science lab-legislature' video shows one small vial, nowhere near the potential of this 'baby':

The BC Liberal Photo Op experiment is nowhere near reality.  The leaking contents of one pipeline between two compressor stations (Alberta/BC) or one rail car tanker in amongst 71 other tankers in one train, nor one LNG tanker on the high seas or in Douglas Channel or docked at Kitimat nor the Encana field leak (Rich Coleman Farts).

 22 November 2009 Failure of Piping at EnCana Swan Wellsite A5-7-77-14 L W6M
...... Resident (3) returns to area via Klemmer Road and observes gas cloud and detects strong odours. Advises inhabitants at nearby residence to evacuate.  Resident (3) drives through the gas cloud and heads East on Merrick Road and sees the gas coming off the wellsite and parks his pick-up about 300 metres cross wind on Merrick Road.....

What the BC Liberals (& scientists) leave out in their promotions of the safe handling of LNG and LPG and Natural Gas is that large volume of "gases may displace air causing a decrease in Oxygen concentration.  When this occurs asphyxiation is possible.  If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately."  

The author of the information are the extractors of the petroleum products via their safety brochures.  They may be doing it so that the whims of insurance companies/regulators may rest easy ..... the public has been forewarned, it's on their heads.


Here's what NOT to do if your suspect a gas pipeline leak:
Do NOT remain in the area
Do NOT use open flames
Do Not bring Cell Phones, Flashlights, motor vehicles, electric or cordless tools, etc
Do not attempt to operate pipeline valves.

Both LNG and LPG may displace air causing a decrease in oxygen concentration. When this occurs asphyxiation is possible. If you become lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, due to release of LNG or LPG please leave the area immediately and call 911.

Gosh!   Why would the heavy BC Liberals hitters, Shirley Bond, Jane Thornthwaite, Naomi Yamamoto, and Christy Clark approve taking LNG inside the BC Legislature building just to show that they can drink water purified with LNG?

laced teacup full of NG video


Kinder Morgan Pg 2
If the politicians are risking their lives, and ours, on the presence of mercaptan, that rotten egg smell, please note that it is ADDED afterwards, only when the gas is being shipped to consumers directly?


Tweets about #LNGinBC is the title of the experiment in communication with the public, but the 'Gods' are using Natural GAS without the BC Hydro/IPP ingredient: massive amounts of electricity.


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It can't happen here?
Bleve can happen anywhere.

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Actually the range on an exploding propane tanker railcar on Vancouver's Burrard Inlet siding would knock out every piece of glass on North Vancouver's waterfront and up to 17th Street. Then there is the damage of broken glass in Vancouver's downtown core.....to contend with.

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