Saturday, October 4, 2014

ALMOST 700 of 4,000 Gabriolians petitioned the BC Liberal Government for 2 toll free Bridges ($300 Million)?

UPDATE:  360    The No Bridge to Gabriola petition

We're not sure what the ground rules are for this petition, whether or not it's open to Upper Arrow Lakes petitioners or Metro Vancouverites who have cottages on Gabriola and Mudge Islands .... check out their site, and on the off-chance you are part of the scene on the islands .... is their a sense of development in the air, ... new bridges means ...... Freedom 55 for 700 property owners

UPDATE: October 15, 2014 
Wouldn't you just love to get your hands on an FOI that listed off all the petitions signed by significant (petitioners) numbers that the BC Liberals have acted upon eg. Gabriolians?  Could you imagine what would happen if a counter petition was made by a more significant amount of petitioners?  Would the BC Liberals restrict counter petitions to those in the same Riding/District or would they allow petitioners from an Upper Arrow Lakes Riding to vie for the scarce monies, the cupboards are bare?

Would the Port Mann Bridge have been built if the 1,500 who did participate in the Study had to duke it out with a significant amount, greater, that would NOT agree to the amount of tolling that was acceptable to the 1,500 (and the BC Liberal government who gave restricted options)?

What are the statistics when it comes to those 1,500 since the Bridge was built? Are the 1,500 using the PMB or are they avoiding the bridge by going over to the Pattullo Bridge or heavens, the Alex Fraser Bridge just to get around the TOLL that they agreed to?

Province to study feasibility of bridge to Gabriola

September 18, 2014

VICTORIA – In response to a petition signed by a significant number of Gabriola Island residents, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure will study the feasibility of a fixed link between Gabriola Island and Vancouver Island that would replace existing ferry service.

This feasibility study is also consistent with government’s goals of connecting coastal communities in a sustainable manner, and finding innovative ways to reduce the upward
pressure on coastal ferry fares. ......................

At least we know now, what the BC Liberals definition is for a 'coastal community'..... a five minute ferry trip from the Big Island to Gabriola and other coastal communities north of the Big Island, .... like the 7 hour trip to Bella Coola and the 22 hours trip to Prince Rupert.

The tally (petitioners) as reported in the Times Colonist:
Transportation Ministry: “The (semaphore) signal we have received from Gabriola Island is significant: Almost 700 signatures from an approximate population of 4,000 is a pretty 'significant number',” Transportation Minister Todd Stone said.
The author of the Study?  Kirk and Co.? which has a long history of studying BC Ferries... which results in a lot of gut wrenching

The easier way for a counter petition to catch the attention of the public, and the BC Liberals justification on replacing the ferry system is to mention, the benefit to the 4,000 voters, the length of the roads on Gabriola Island = 90 kilometres

Gabriola Island Trivia:  57 square kilometres (4 kilometers wide by 15 kilometers long

Comparison???   Vancouver: From Boundary Road to the Middle of the Endowment Lands; from 1st Avenue to 70th Avenue ..... not that we're suggesting a Fixed link for Vancouver 

Island Trust not involved


Anonymous said...

i smell an agenda

John's Aghast said...

SNC Lavalin? A floating 'Kelowna Type' bridge?

e.a.f. said...

will they raise welfare rates for the disabled and permit children to keep their child support, so they all don't have to live 50% below the poverty rate, if enough people sign a petition? this ought to be fun, bridge and highway petitioning as the new determining factor in whether you get a bridge or not.

obviously some one has a lot of land on Gabriola which will increase in value when their b.c. lieberal friends build a bridge to the "mainland/Vancouver island".

Bridges are so un environmental!