Thursday, September 25, 2014

Speaker MLA Linda Reid's faux pas: Canadian Parliamentary Review: 'Constituency Offices in Focus'

In with the new, including security alarms, video surveillance cameras (in the public loo too??), front store bullet proof window with that added deterrent of a tank resistant bench to sit upon but doubles as a barricade to stop terrorists.  The Speaker had an unofficial author, report on necessary changes, a friend (mentioned three times in the Legislature by the MLA), a retired (2009) rcmp officer.

The official RCMP version of security needs stated that they only made suggestions to the Speaker and never insisted that changes be made.  That role, that jurisdiction, that decision, is the BC Legislature precinct Speaker herself who tells MLAs if there is money in the kitty, which is on the shelf, in the cupboard, that was bare, a couple of years ago.   Ahhhhh!  Here we go, Earmarked for Richmond Constituency Office: ..... $79,000

Vancouver Sun

Richmond News

MLA Reid, as the Speaker of the Legislature, has meetings to attend to outside of Victoria and Richmond, like being the 2nd Vice President for Canadian Parliamentary where she is a featured speaker in their Review, Volume, No. 2  Summer 2014    Page 20 of 72

Editor intro to Speaker Linda Reid:
With 36 per cent of its MLAs now women, British Columbia currently has the highest proportion of women parliamentarians in Canada. Moreover, women hold key decision-making positions in the province as Lieutenant Governor, Premier and Speaker.   While celebrating these milestones, in this article, B.C. Speaker Linda Reid warns against complacency and urges parliamentarians across Canada and the Commonwealth to continue implementing changes designed to facilitate a level playing field for women interested in political life.   - Page 20 of 72  

It would appear that there 'level playing field' has tipped slightly heavier to one side when comparing office expenditures between men and women MLAs.


Anonymous said...

Nobody has asked: "Who owns the office?"

Would be nice to have friends in high places to spend huge money 'upgrading' a lousy office.

Search your history to discover this exact pattern from a BC Liberal MLA in Vernon.

North Van's Grumps said...

Don't you mean Who Owns the Building? or do you mean Who represents the owner of the building Page 13 of 18

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who owns Farrell Estates and how much have they contributed to the BC Liberals?

"Farrell Estates Ltd. (founded by their father Jim McPhail almost 50 years ago) directors, Gary McPhail and Terry McPhail have over 50 years of combined experience in real estate management, development, finance, construction and marketing to lead the Farrell Estates team."

"Leasing Inquiries ... Ross McPhail"

Contributions Search Results (S-A1)

Combined Contributions Search Results (S-A1-A

North Van's Grumps said...

Anonymous 6:25
The link to ElectionsBC 'Contributions' is all inclusive of the name McPhail.
Anonymous 4:14
The link to ElectionsBC 'Contributions' is for Farrell Estates, possibly the landlord for MLA Linda Reid's constituency office.
This is a more exact way to find the election contributions to Candidate Linda Reid