Thursday, September 11, 2014

Coincidence? Mainland Communications office building address, 620 Royal Avenue, has a vacancy

With an upcoming provincial by-election in 2012 and the full blown version in 2013, what better place in the world would a business enterprise (free)(from partisan politics) wish for, if their intended targets, were in the offices on either side of them:

To the Left: Services Canada and Immigrant Services Society of B.C. to the Right?

A virtual Funnel of likely candidates for the BC Liberal Ethnic outreach program of which Minister, Bloy, then Yap who fell on his sword, took the fall, don't know who took over after them ....  Dyble

620 Royal Avenue, New Westminster

For Rent, NOW

The Gazetteer: What Court Date for Mainland Communications entrepreneurs

It's difficult, without seeing the actual Directory for 620 Royal which includes other businesses, but on the first and second floors there appears to be a crying need for the immigrant worker in the fields of Agriculture, Farm Work:

620 Royal Avenue, New Westminster
Skill Connect Immigrants Program 200- 620 Royal Avenue
Service Canada Centre for Youth  201-620 Royal Avenue

Appendix 13, Contacts,  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Market and Industry Services Branch   204 - Royal Avenue
Human Resources    201 - 620 Royal Avenue
Canadian Pari-Mutel Agency  102 - Royal Avenue
Food Production and Inspection  202- 620 Royal Avenue
Agriculture Inspection and Plant Health   103 - 620 Royal Avenue

Understanding Career Options - New Westminster  620 Royal Avenue, Room 200

New Westminster - LINC and Settlement Services   200- 620 Royal Avenue

 ChildCare Centre   200 - 620 Royal Avenue  Receive special training working with immigrant and refugee families

 English Language Services for Adults (ELSA) New Westminster  200 - 620 Royal Avenue

 Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS)  200 - 620 Royal Avenue

Mainland Communications   620 Royal Avenue  V3M 1J2  604-521-6465

Mainland Communications and nearby businesses    look to those that are ZERO distance away eh

There is one other, possibility, Mainland Communications, like when Brian Bonney was working for the BC Liberal Party 50% of the time and being paid 100% by the BC Liberal Government Caucus .... was he, they, working at Mainland Communications embedded IN a Government OFFICE at 620 Royal Avenue?

"I Pity the Poor Immigrant" - Bob Dylan   youtube


As to Harry Bloy, he's just graduated from Directorship Training in a class of 36, under his Company name:
Global Business Canada
604 Columbia, New Westminster

and coincidentally
it's five blocks away from 620 Royal Avenue

The companies, and other Graduates, have recognizable names in both fields.

2014 DEP (Directors Education Program)

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