Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Site C speech by Gordon Campbell 2010 - "50 years of sustainable/renewable electricity" doubled-dipped up to 100 by Christy Clark, and Billy

Hmmmm, we know that Premier Gordon Campbell was wrong about the HST in 2010 therefore he must be right when he said that Site C would take care of British Columbians Electrical needs for the next 50 years eg. 2060.  Along comes Premier Christy Clark and her Energy Minister Bill Bennett, saying that Site C will fill our needs for the next 100 years.

What's happened in the last four years, since 2010, that BC Hydro has somehow doubled the capacity of Site C without increasing the reservoir or downsizing the generator but doubling their longevity so as to last twice as long AND at the same time maintaining the artist renderings the same, ....... commanded the rain Gods to fall and received Party pledges from the drought Devils?
Meeting B.C.'s future electricity needs to 2110  - Premier Christy Clark / Minister Bill Bennett .....

Subject to environmental certification, Site C would be a source of clean, renewable and cost-effective electricity for more than 100 years. - BC Hydro 2014

There's nothing on tape that backs up the 100 year claim by our Hide-and-Go-seeking-Photo-Op Premier (Clark) but its obvious that there is a stated (video) discrepancy between Premier Gordon Campbell's April 19, 2010 announcement for Site C Third Phase to the written, current, electrifying, Premier Christy Clark's and her sidekick Bill Bennett.

I swear.... that ....

".... I am pleased to announce that the Site C Clean energy project will be moving to the third phase so that we can build a future fifty years to reflect the last fifty years in British Columbia. ...." Premier Gordon Campbell:

2010 + 50 = 2060

Moving onto the Third Phase of Site C

BC Liberal NEW Math: use the 50 years PRIOR to the 2010 announcement and then ADD the NEXT 50 years to arrive at 100 years...... which fits in neatly with Premier Clark's election promise in 2013 that we would have One Trillion dollar in LNG revenues AND the province being Debt Free in fifty years.   

Without verification, Christy's GCPE's staff accepted Campbell's PAB staff's word on the New Era Math calculations, without referring back to the spoken words.  Press Release:
HUDSON’S HOPE – The B.C. government announced today that it will move forward with the Site C Clean Energy Project (Site C). The Site C project will be the third dam on the Peace River in northeast B.C., and will be a source of clean and renewable energy for over 100 years, producing enough electricity to power approximately 410,000 homes per year.  - BC Government News Release April 19, 2010

2010 - 50 = 1960

A half century ago, B.C. was encouraged to use abundant electricity

Posted by Marc Stoiber
Energy conservation is now part of B.C., where most of our electricity comes from clean sources, and as citizens, we pride ourselves on being Power Smart.

But it wasn't always that way. Leaf through books like Voices From Two Rivers and Gaslight To Gigawatts and you discover our relationship with power has morphed beyond recognition over the past half century.

So how did we go from 'Power Means Progress' — the catchphrase of BC Hydro in the 1960s — to 'Power Smart' today? The story is a fascinating study in our evolution as a society.

Electric power — use it freely!



Bill said...

Very interesting post NVG.

The Liberals have been spinning dam lies upstream and downstream for generations and been getting away with their misdirection with the help of the likes of their "public- private-partnership" MSM pundits - always looking the other way.

Sure would be nice if the "Dean" and other puppets we're to root out aberrations and would occasionaly mention these interesting facts that you continue to illuminate - but that would be too revealing and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

The tar sands get their water from, the Columbia Ice Fields. I used to live in the Rockies and on a visit back? I was stunned by how much, the Columbia Ice Fields had shrunk back.

I think the tar sands will need the water from, the Site-C-Dam. There are more tar sands projects planned. Cold Lake for one. They can't get the leak stopped, so why not turn the atrocity into another oil field?

The dam will likely be used for fracking as well.

The Site-C-Dam will also, flood the best farmland in all of Canada. However, greed trumps common sense every time.

e.a.f. said...

I'd hardly call a dam, that is going to flood huge areas of this province, clean. Total destruction of the environment, isn't what I'd call clean energy. Oh, well the water will look clean to Christy and most likely after looking at Likely, B.C. it is clean.

rick said...

Exactly who does our so called Premier plan on robbing to pay off the debt. The debt can never be repaid except by the theft from someone else as there is no money created to pay the interest on the debt. Therefore in order to pay the debt the money must come through the theft of anothers labour and assets.