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Peter said it before Christ-y: Families First!!!!

The North Shore News Viewpoint for Sunday May 4, 2014 was entitled "Vicious Cycle" on Mayor Rob Ford-smoking-crack-cocaine-serial-addiction debacle overshadowing the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, CBC and the Canadian Press reporting that the RCMP are now looking at 1,200 cases of missing women... TWICE the amount last assumed......

The Editorial Raeside CARTOON, without the North Shore News Editor possibly realizing that Christy Clark and "her" Families First vow was a Vicious Cycle, as bad as Rob Ford's, too:

Raeside Editorial Cartoon

Families First was not created by Christy Clark Government Communications and Public Engagement  (GCPE) handlers!

That distinction came through the lips of one Peter A. Dueck, Minister of Health via his Public Affairs Bureau (PAB) handlers with this in 1989:

Families First (edition)

BC Socreds beliefs apparently, were dramatically different than the BC Liberals....     Families in the 1980s were the strength of our future, but today's Families First program has a claw back feature, stealing from babies.
1980s Families are the strength of our future.  They are a source of personal strength and an anchor to the society in which we live.  In recognition of this, the Government of British Columbia is ensuring that programs and services available to strengthen and assist families towards independence.

In the past 30 years we have seen a significant change in the definition of a "family".  During the 1950s, the term represented the nuclear family.  During the 1960s, the term was expanded to include the global family and in the 1980s, we have seen the term used to describe a broad range of relationships.  The challenge now is to maintain social and emotional bonds in the midst of technological change, keeping in mind our pluralistic, multi-cultural and often times geographically-isolated population.....

                                         Geographically             isolated          population

....Another approach to supporting family independence is the new Family Maintenance Enforcement Program of the Ministry of Attorney-General.  The program ensures that anyone with a maintenance order for child or spouse support can have their payments monitored and arrears automatically enforced.  The Ministry of Attorney General has allocated $3.5 million to this program for 1989-1990. .....

 Little did Peter A. Dueck forsee a time in which a restraint minded Premier would scoop the spousal maintenance payment monies destined for children to be used to cover the Government's (BC Liberal Party) Budget bottom line.

"What Lies Ahead" Peter asked .....    Christy with Lies

What Lies Ahead?

The new family services have helped to support vulnerable families and have increased local community capacity to provide services to families.  The government is committed to continuing to put families first and to continue to develop and adopt iniatives to assist families to be strong and independent.


Keith Baldrey on Christy Clark's death knell of her slogan Families First

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e.a.f. said...

Christy has never cared about B.C. families. She does’t care if children go hungry, if there is a lack of medical attention for them or seniors, its all about christy and hers. Surrey needs 10 new schools just to get kids out of portables. But she’s talking about a new second crossing for Kelowna and a new bridge o replace a tunnel. Health care for kids be dammed.

We have unemployed youth, but lots of foreign temporary workers. we have yet to hear word one fro the provincial lieberals. don’t expect to either.

christy clark and her cabal, makes the old socreds look like a bunch of socialists. Never thought I’d see that day but hey, its arrived.

I’d rather have the hell’s angels run this government than christy clark and her cabal.