Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Premier Christy Clark is Insane when she uses her "LNG 101" cheat sheet to explain evaporation of Methane? No harm done!

  September 17, 2015 New Link to 'LNG 101'  fourth time, Clark's GCPE keep deleting source

We interrupt this report with a Message from our Sponsor:
A Guide to British Columbia's Liquefied Natural Gas Sector:  LNG 101.

Take note, all the images are stock photos, must be, no government running on a restraint program would spend, waste, tax dollars to promote themselves, and workers with great big smiles.  They are paid to smile.

Premier Christy Clark's latest message is that "our province is building a new industry .... which will put us among the global leaders".

It goes a long way to explain how the 2013 election platform of Today's BC Liberals mushrooming Ten Billion dollar debt in one year, suddenly ended up at $70 Billion Debt overall in 2014.

Not to muddy the waters too much here, but using their LNG 101 math ......  the BC Liberals work it out this way:

In one year Christy added $10 Billion of debt, therefore in 30 years we'll be sitting at $300 Billion of Debt, MINUS the $100 Billion in LNG Royalties.... which means we'll be burdened with an $200 Billion of DEBT.     Do you feel better now?

Sigh, here's what Christy Clark thinks about tankers full, even just one, result in "spilt milk" like methane.  No need to wipe it up, its not an Exxon Valdez situation, not a land version.

The Message from the Premier

Update: February 24, 2015: Premier Christy Clark claims that her government will an OPEN DATA regime, however the link to LNG 101 aka http://engage.gov.bc.ca/lnginbc/files/2013/11/LNG101.pdf has been poofed or is that spoofed.

Google Search Criteria:  engage bc LNG101

engage bc LNG101

Engage BC Projects:  http://engage.gov.bc.ca/lnginbc/lng-projects/

Page 6 and 7 of LNG 101

LNG is odourless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and less dense than water.  If a spill were to occur, the natural gas would warm and evaporate, leaving no substances behind.
Natural gas is primarily composed of methane gas.  It can also contain small amounts of ethane, propane, butane and pentanes.


The Source of the above Document came from Page 34 of 34 of this Document: ( Appendix IV: References and Resources)

Cover Page of Document which we used for an earlier Post:
Is this the Port of Vancouver or Kitimat, or Both?  How many vessels per week?
Page 34 of 34
LNG 101:  A Guide to British Columbia's Liquified Natural Gas Sector.


If you missed the headlines this week (April 21, 2014):
B.C. environment minister warned about LNG greenhouse gas emissions Internal briefing note singles out methane as concern, as well as emissions from fracking process.

Internal briefing notes prepared for Environment Minister Mary Polak since she took office last year and obtained by The Canadian Press, single out methane emissions for concern.

On top of emissions from combustion and flaring of natural gas, methane and carbon dioxide escape during hydraulic fracturing process, or fracking, the documents said.

"Methane emissions are a particular concern since they have a global warming impact 21 times higher than carbon dioxide," said one July briefing note.

"A small increase in the percentage of natural gas that escapes can have a significant impact on overall emissions."
Pointingly or more importantly, Christy Clark is amazed at how Government officials have found a Quik Method of loading LNG, AND in much small vessels.

LNG Update
 However, the LNG "Tanker" that Christy is pointing at is NOT an LNG tanker which have noticeable massive Bumps, on their Decks, like this, courtesy of Rich Coleman (on Page 4 of 16) same document:

Or This:

Global News   LNG 101  May 2015
“We’ve been at this three years, and we’re at the threshold for a final investment decisions for at least one or two companies, in the next 10-12 months. If just those two projects went ahead, we’d be talking well over $50 billion in capital investment in our country, which would be the largest investment in Canadian history. I don’t think we’re going slow at all…I’m pretty pleased with the progress to be honest.”


Anonymous said...

What really makes me laugh with all this Christy Clark BS on LNG.... is that somehow she has convinced Liberal toadies that a million jobs will be created.
Problem is....it will take over 10 years or more to prove those numbers. Maybe we should advise the NDP to send out the message that it's plan will create 1.5 million jobs. Will people buy it ?

Guy in Victoria

Hugh said...

I rub a little LNG on my scalp every morning.

cfvua said...

Nothing new about natural gas production in Northeast BC. 60 years and counting. New only in BC liberal minds. Ms. Clark probably never thought about what heats houses and buildings or where the gas comes from. Hence her willingness to be lead by Calgary and Texas folks.