Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just a thought here on Pipelines being built through our Province of British Columbia without a Referendum

When the two colonies of Vancouver Island and Vancouver mainland merged into one, and then asked for Provincial status within Canada, the only stumbling block was that the SENATE said NO to having the western terminus at Esquimalt via the E & N Railway by way of Bute Inlet.  In light of what is happening in Northern BC's resource richness, in hindsight it would have been prudent if the Senate and just said YES just like the House of Commons did.   But that's history for you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the Government of Canada and the Government of British Columbia steamrolling when it comes to PIPELINES, ..... that you have no say on whether your property will be taken over by Kinder-Enron-Morgan or Enbridge or others, routes not quite yet defined, then consider this:

To join in Confederation with other provinces, the governments of the day allowed corporations like CNR and CPR and E&N R to build their "pipelines" without consulting anyone who owned the land eg.  First Nation People.   And, the various corporations were given for every mile of rail line built, 20,000 acres either side of said mile of rail and paid by the Governments for BUILDING the rail lines.   A Win/Win situation that exists to this day.  eg.  CPR suing for stolen resources on their properties either side of the railway line.

The First Nations are involved with the Pipeline corporations, so too the BC Government, even though some of the latter bureaucrats were kicked out of meeting recently.

The point here, do you think that the emotional roller coaster ride you're on today is somewhat near to what The First Nations people must have felt when the earlier "pipelines" rolled through their land from East to the West?  Their land stolen?

How about the East to West "pipeline" of Temporary Foreign Workers taking jobs, driving unemployment rates higher, driving the costs of living in Metro Vancouver Sky high?

Just asking.

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Anonymous said...

Sir John A. badly needed BC
as an overriding strategy.
On whiskey, true, he was hooked---
could corruption otherwise be overlooked?
A contract extra of fifteen miles and
CP got east Van island.
A backroom deal that built a nation
made E&N a term of confederation:
to spite Mulroney's acuity
cursed to read "in perpetuity".
constitution's a nation's lasting text
and now, at last, "first" means "next".